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Feed Royal Cane for dogs (Royal Cain). Reviews

Any product, and in particular a royal cane feed forDogs, which managed to successfully gain a foothold in the market, eventually, if one can say so, builds up an army of its fans, can long enjoy a steady demand among consumers and not receive any criticism from them.

Why, over time, many buyers beginTo refuse to acquire a habitual product, finding in it a fair number of shortcomings, a significant decrease in quality and sometimes even harmful effects?

The reasons can be different. However, with all this it is difficult to believe that the manufacturer intentionally goes for deterioration in the characteristics of the products. The most obvious reason lies in the intrigues of his ill-wishers. They mean mass crafts for a popular brand, because of which, first of all, buyers suffer, and secondly it affects the manufacturer - it bears enormous losses.

In full measure with a similar problem faced by a variety of companies, including such a well-known company as Royal Canin. Royal Canin Food for Dogs (Royal Canin) has been on the pet food market for almost 50 years. It all began with the private practice of FrenchVeterinarian Jean Kathari in the late 60s of the last century, and continued with large industrial volumes in the early 70's. By the 90th years, the products of Royal Canin reached our borders and since then it has been in demand among domestic animals - cats and dogs.

However, over the years the company's products have becomeReceive complaints from pet owners. In particular, in some online reviews of the quality of Royal Canin's products, it is said that many animals consume this food with great reluctance and only when they are very hungry. There are even very categorical: "Food for dogs of poor quality is dry, that wet. And in general from royal canin, except for premium foods, it is better not to buy anything, and the rest of the food seems to be produced in underground plants in the village near Moscow - frank rubbish! "

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And one more quote from the dog breeders forums: I have a Yorkshire terrier breed dog and howThen we tried to give her a special dry can of royal canin for yorkies. The result was, to put it mildly, not very much. Literally after 3-4 days of eating the dog began to itch, then there was dandruff, and the coat became dry and sloppy.

I contacted the club of dog breeders and askedwhat's the matter. The head of the club immediately clarified what food is given to the dog, and my advice was to never again give the dog a Royal Canin food for Yorkies, since he is not known where to produce and Yorkshire terriers he does not fit. "

But most users praise the Royal foodCanine for dogs (Royal Canin) and indicate that, first of all, you should look at the country of the manufacturer when buying and try to avoid fakes. Then your animal will be pretty, and you will manage without hassle.

For example, meat is used only in pureForm without scraps, heads and other offal. Such food is as close as possible to the natural diet of dogs. Often the products of this class do not contain any crops, as well as artificial preservatives, plant proteins, genetically modified ingredients and, thus, are the safest.

Picking up food to your pet, you needTake into account the health of the animal and all the nuances of its breed. It is also important to remember that dry food is not a treat, it's food. Therefore, even if your pet is ready to eat it, any dog ​​can not be overfed. This can lead not only to stomach disorders, but also serious enough diseases with severe consequences.
At the same time, correct consumption norms and optimally selected food will only benefit the dog.

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