/ / American Cocker Spaniel: a description of the breed, the nature of the dog, photo, price

American Cocker Spaniel: description of the breed, the nature of the dog, photo, price

American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniel - the smallest of hunting dogs. This is a very joyful, mobile, hardy animal, deduced for hunting by feather.

American Cocker Spaniel

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    The history of the American cocker spaniel

    The history of this breed can be judged from the longTitle. At first appeared its ancient progenitors - spaniels. It is believed that this happened in the sunny and rich hunting grounds of Spain. Then for the spaniels that got to England, the local breeders took it and brought out a lot of breeds, including cocaids. All of them were also used for hunting. And, finally, the charming English spaniels found themselves in the late 19th century on another continent. Here the breeders had other ideas of beauty, so the local cynologists took up the coccers. And for some fifty years they managed to create a new breed!

    In the country of rabbits

    American Cocker Spaniel

    It is obvious that the word "spaniel" has a Spanishorigin. Here, on the Iberian Peninsula, the first spaniel-like dogs appeared. Most of them were knights-crusaders, who loved to hunt rabbits and feathered game. But if you believe the data of archaeologists, chunky pets with hanging ears came to Europe from Asia Minor. The ancestors of the spaniels visited different countries before they found themselves in Spain. Similar dogs were bred in both North Africa and the Balkan Peninsula. And then on their ships the Carthaginians brought pets to the peninsula. There were so many rabbits that the country was called Spain, which in translation from Carthage means "the country of rabbits".

    Newly arrived dogs well hunted for birds and rabbits - and the Spaniards seriously engaged in breeding the breed, giving the world spaniels.

    Changing Professions

    The ancestors of the kokers changed a lot of huntingSpecializations. They hunted small animals and birds, took part in falconry and hunting with the net. And when the firearm was invented, spaniels became talented girlfriend dogs.

    Approximated to the King

    It's hard to say when exactly spaniels hit the Foggy Albion. But the English simply could not help but pay attention to the new hunting breed, because they themselves were avid hunters and dog lovers.

    Spaniels in England had an excellent reputation,Enjoyed great respect and in general were considered royal pets. It is known that in the 10th century in the territory of present-day Wales for the theft of these four-footed hunters relied on a large fine. This is not surprising, because every dog ​​cost a pound - a lot of money for those times.

    Variegated diversity

    American Cocker Spaniel

    Over time, spaniels settled throughout England. In different counties, depending on the landscape, hunting strategies differed. In addition, the tastes and needs of the owners have changed. Therefore, among spaniels appeared a lot of different subspecies. They differed in size, color, length of hair. These canine "families" received names in honor of the breeding ground or aristocrat, who owned them.

    The smallest representatives of the breed were bred in the castle of Blenheim. Here the dukes of Marlborough brought out Sussex and Field Spaniels, which became the direct progenitors of English Cockers.


    It is difficult to count how many varietiesSpaniels were bred in England for several centuries. Sources say that there were about 20 of them. Besides, most of the created breeds disappeared, when the owners stopped engaging in those kinds of hunting, for which the animals were taken out.

    Who is Obo

    American Cocker Spaniel

    The first information about English cocker spanielsAppeared in 1697. The breed was practiced by hunters in the counties of Wales and Devonshire. Even then, the dogs were cut off by the tails halfway so that they would not get injured while tracking the game.

    English cockers could boast of greatVariety of colors, like other spaniels. At that time, they differed from their brethren except that the small size, slightly elongated body, thick hair and light weight. However, the breeders still poured the blood of other spaniels to these dogs.

    Everything changed only in the middle of the 19th century. By this time English cockers were recognized as a full breed. They were introduced in 1859 at the exhibition in Birmingham. The most famous breeder was Willet - the owner of the English Cocker Spaniel Obo. A dog with a strange name has rightfully become a pedigree standard. The next generations of breeders were oriented to Obo. At the end of the 19th century, James Ferrow created his own nursery, and his dogs, the ancestors of Obo, more than once became winners in pedigree exhibitions. And two of them, Obo-1 and Chloe-2, were sent to the United States and the American cocker spaniel began to breed.

    And where is the tail?

    When dogs with long tails huntedThey constantly wagged them and often were beaten in the blood. Then the owners decided to tail their pets, leaving only a segment of four vertebrae. In the case of cocker spaniels it turned out that this also improves the exterior of the breed. After cupping, the silhouette of the cockers becomes more harmonious. But now, when the breed has become more decorative, in Europe this operation is being carried out less and less. And in some countries it was completely banned as inhuman.

    A little more than half a century

    After the meeting of Chloe-2 and Obo-1 in the United StatesA puppy appeared. American breeders did not begin to rack their brains and called the dog Obo-2 after his "grandfather". The grown up dog took part in several exhibitions and immediately attracted the attention of local cynologists.

    This pet was different from the usual EnglishCockers. He had rather large eyes. In England, it would immediately be declared a defect, but the Americans found such a charming feature. Local breeders decided to create a new breed - not a hunter, but a companion for the whole family. In 1881, the American Spaniel Club appeared, and in 2 years a program was developed for the development of both breeds of cocks.

    At first, "Americans" and "Englishmen" were knit betweenBy yourself. But in 1915 the American Cockers did not look like their English ancestors. After 20 years, interbreeding was forbidden, and after 30 years the new breed was recognized as independent.

    Description of breed American Cocker Spaniel

    American Cocker Spaniel

    What changed the Americans in the exteriorCocker spaniel? First, the shape of the head changed: the muzzle became two times shorter than the length of the skull, the transition from the high forehead to the muzzle became more noticeable, and the eyes became expressive and huge, like an alien from another planet.

    Secondly, the wool has changed. It became longer, more magnificent, the undercoat became thicker. Now she falls from the torso of the dog, like a luxurious princess dress at a ball. In addition, the chest, belly, ears and feet of the American cocker are decorated with dense curls.

    Interestingly, although the American cockerels are notThey are used for hunting, they have rather developed musculature and a strong backbone. This is a very hardy and active dog that is ready to run for a long time without getting tired.

    Main characteristics: height, weight, color

    American Cocker Spaniel

    Cocker Spaniel from the US - a small, strong andA compact dog with a beautifully planted head on a long neck and well developed musculature. Its height at the withers is 35 - 38 cm, weight is on average 12, 5 kg.

    Its muzzle is rather wide, its ears are long, hanging, low-set, covered with long silky hair. The tail is half-docked, although it is possible not to stop.

    From the remaining spaniels the wool of dogs of this breedIs distinguished by its long, thick and very silky coat. It is slightly wavy, has a good undercoat. On the chest, stomach, ears and legs is longer.

    Color is quite diverse: monochrome (red, brown, black, fawn), with a tan, two-color, three-color.

    Nose in black dogs is black, and in dogs of another color, it can also be brown. Large eyes should have a dark brown iris.

    The four-footed hero

    American cocker spaniels - very healthyDogs that live to 15 years old. But they occasionally have hereditary diseases - otitis and eye diseases. So when choosing a puppy, it is worth paying attention to the condition of his eyelids, and also to cope with the health of his parents.


    American Cocker Spaniel

    All American cocker spaniels carefullySelected by breeders, including by character traits. Very malicious and unbalanced dogs are simply not allowed to breed, because even according to the standard, such traits are considered a breed defect.

    The Americans managed to withdrawA company of dogs. She is very sensitive to the mood of the hosts and has a sense of tact. The pet will never get imposed if the person is not in the spirit, but will always cheer the master when it is sad.

    The rest of the time it's just very friendly and tied to all the domestic dogs. She can sit still if necessary, but prefers active games with her beloved masters.

    Despite the fact that the breed wasHunting, now it is almost completely used as a family companion dog. This was made possible through innate mildness, devotion, a wonderful attitude towards children and a playful nature.

    Thanks to these qualities, cockerels have become very popular with breeders, and now they can be more often seen at exhibitions than hunting.

    They are well trained and obedient, readyObey any commands of the owner, affectionate and not aggressive towards other dogs and strangers. They have a sense of self-worth and refined manners.

    American cocker spaniels are full of enthusiasm and friendliness, are always ready to play not only with dogs, but also other pets.

    A representative of this breed can be boldly established in a house with a cat, they often have a very close friendship.

    American cocker spaniel can be left at homeOne, but not for long. Such an active dog needs constant contact with people. With a lack of attention, she may have bad habits associated with the disorder of the psyche: howling, excessive barking, spoilage of things.

    Ideally, such a dog is suitable for a large family with children, in which there is always someone at home.

    It is better not to get a representative of this breed to those who do not want or who do not have enough time to engage in their pet.

    Do not give in to charms!

    American Cocker Spaniel

    American Cocker Spaniel is a master of seduction. He knows how beautiful he is, and skillfully uses it in different situations. For example, when he wants to eat something delicious. Cocker will connect all the charm to get a tasty slice. But you can not give in to charms, otherwise the dog will quickly gain excess weight.

    Do not indulge and aggressive games of thisThe kid. He can grasp his heels, bite his hands, cling to his teeth and hang on his trousers. At first it looks funny, but when the dog grows up, these habits will get rid of late, and his strong teeth will bring a lot of trouble to the owners.

    Remember, he is big-eyed and plush, but nottoy. So quickly give up the emotion and practice. Moreover, the breed is quite adventurous at the training, curious and friendly. Only after training the cocker will show its best features, and its centuries-old hunting genealogy will not become a hindrance to the family.

    Care and maintenance of American Cocker Spaniel

    The only drawback of this lovingPet - a luxurious fur coat. She needs thoroughgoing care. And that the dog is not afraid of combs and water procedures, this must be taught to him from the puppy's age.

    Wool must be combed every day, especiallyAfter walks, after all in it small leaves, twigs and a dirt are hammered. To bathe such a lush dog is often required: every three weeks. Particular attention will have to be paid to the groin and paws, where the most often formed knuckles.

    American Cocker Spaniel

    Easier to care for a fur coat can be short haircut -She will emphasize the graceful figure of the Cocker. But then the dog will have to be taken to the salon to the hairdresser every six months to update the "hairstyle." Separately, I must say about the care for the long fluffy ears of a Cocker. The dirt is constantly clogged there. In addition, a curious pet can scratch the ears. The owners need to regularly scrub the sulfur, make sure that the cocker is not injured and picked up the ticks, and that long fluffy ears do not get dirty in food, they need to either tie while eating, or use special feeders with a narrow throat.

    The eyes of an American cocker spaniel should be thoroughly cleaned with a wet cotton pad, without using soap. Such regular care will help to avoid eye infection.

    Like any dog, an American cocker spaniel needs to cut his claws and brush his teeth.

    Diseases of American Cocker Spaniels

    Life expectancy of representatives of this breed on average - 14-16 years. There are hereditary as well as congenital diseases most common in American cocker spaniels.

    American Cocker Spaniel

    First of all, these are anomalies of behavior, as a result of incorrect education: a propensity for panic, aggression, etc.

    It occurs in spaniels skin asthenia, in which the skin loses its usual elasticity, strength and sensitivity. This disease is also called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

    It is not uncommon for carnitine deficiency due to which the cardiac muscle becomes weak, leading to dilated cardiomyopathy.

    Spaniels have too strong a turn of the eyelid outside, because of the draining of the cornea - keratoconjunctivitis, inflammation of the external ear (external otitis), skin infection on the paws (pododermatitis).

    With the disease of the intervertebral discs, dislocations and ruptures of the discs are possible, which is fraught with paralysis of the animal.

    Sometimes in puppies the retina of the eye (dysplasia) is not correctly formed, and in adult dogs melanoma can occur - a rare type of cancer that develops from skin cells that produce melanin.

    Price of an American Cocker Spaniel puppy

    Price of the breed, cost, rubles

    Culling, that is, puppies with defects, because of what they will not be taken to the exhibition, you can buy for 300 dollars, Although the average price for such a puppy is of the order of $ 700. It depends on the parents. Exhibition copies with a good pedigree are sold for $ 2,500.

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