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Dry food for dogs

On the question, are good or bad Dry dog ​​food, Not immediately and you will answer.

Let's understand, because the right choiceDry food is as useful as a balanced diet of natural products. Choose a dry food suitable for your dog by its age, breed, health and lifestyle. And when feeding, be sure to observe the dosage indicated on the package, ensure the pet has constant access to clean drinking water, do not combine dry food and canned food in one feed.

Gastronomy. This is the most affordable of dry dog ​​food. These include Pedigree, Darling. They are made of quality ingredients, but are suitable for feeding only absolutely healthy animals that do not receive serious workloads and do not participate in exhibitions. Their main ingredients are chicken, meat-bone meal, cereals.

Dry food for premium dogs

Premium class. These dry dog ​​food have an optimal ratio of price and quality. They are good for feeding workers, aviary dogs, and also show-class dogs during the exhibition period. Representatives of premium-class - Eminent, Purina Dog Chow. They include chicken, beef, often fish, vegetables (beets, carrots), hard varieties of cereals.

Dry food for dogs of the luxury class

Dry dog ​​food super premium

Super premium class.This is the most high-quality, but also the most expensive dog food. The most common are Acana (Acana dog food), Edvans. Products of this class include a series of dog food not only of different ages, but also of different breeds. These feeds include high-quality poultry meat, beef, white fish, beets, carrots, herbal extracts. They are additionally enriched with vitamins and amino acids necessary to maintain the health and exterior of working dogs and show-class darlings.

Therapeutic dry dog ​​food

Medical diets. It's not just dog food, it's also a medicine. They can not be fed for life, they are usually consumed from 4 to 12 weeks. The most widely represented series of therapeutic feeds Royal Canin. It includes feed for liver treatment and others. These diets are clearly balanced by the number of fats, protein, vitamins. They are made only of the highest quality products.

Therapeutic diet can be prescribed only by a veterinarian, based on the diagnosis and health of the dog.

What is the best dry dog ​​food? Unequivocally this question can not be answered. It depends too much on many parameters.

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