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Dog food go natural (go straight): reviews, buy

Dog Food Go! (Gou) refers to the super premium class and to the category of holistic fodders. It contains the best and most useful ingredients for dogs, which are in perfect balance with each other.

Veterinary doctors worked on the creation of foodNutritionists who created individual food for dogs of different ages, breeds and lifestyle. Food production is carried out in Canada by Petcurean, which appeared on the market in 1999.

All the ingredients of the go diet are obtained fromFresh products grown on Canadian farms in an ecologically clean area. The company minimizes the processing of products in order not to lose their useful properties. Fresh meat and farm products from Canadian farms bring food for pets to a high level of quality. The dog food for go (go) corresponds to the standards that are imposed on food for people.

Composition of dry dog ​​food Go in straight (go)

Composition and feedback on dog food Go (go)

The composition of dry rations Gou included animal protein- an important source of protein, healthy fats, a cocktail of vegetables, fruits and berries. Each portion of the feed contains a set of minerals and vitamins necessary for the dog. Fresh meat needs a dog for active and healthy life, vegetables - to maintain a normal digestive system, vitamins and amino acids - to restore strength and maintain immunity.

Producers of food value their reputation,So do not use controversial and forbidden ingredients, for which you can get a red card. In the composition of food there are no low-calorie components that are not of value to the dog. There are no artificial colors, preservatives, meat ingredients grown on hormones and GMOs. Feed Gow offers a variety of formulas for every taste: there is a line of grainless dog food and a whole grain formula.

Types of dry food for dogs Gou

Free-form formula Fit + Free. The list of ingredients is headed by sources of proteins of animal origin. This is a high-calorie, nutritious food containing 70% of four types of meat:

  • turkey,
  • a hen,
  • duck,
  • salmon.

Recommended for daily ration:

  1. Puppies;
  2. Adult dogs;
  3. Elderly and full-bodied dogs.

For each of these categories, we proposeA separate type of grain-free fodder. Some dogs react poorly to excess protein food of animal origin. For such animals, Gou offers the whole-grain formula Refresh + Renew. The food is designed for use at all stages of the dog's life:

  • With whole chicken, fruits and vegetables;
  • With a lamb;
  • With turkey.

Dogs, which often have stomach disorders, constipation, food allergies, need a special approach to nutrition. For them, the Go Sensitivity + Shine feed is developed:

  • With a solid duck and oatmeal;
  • With fresh salmon and oatmeal;
  • With turkey.

Among the taste variety of Gou's rations, one can always find food that the dog likes and will prevent problems with her health and development.


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Composition and feedback on dog food Go (go)

Feed my staffordshire terrier with Gow food4 types of meat for about a year. The food you chose can be said intuitively by reading information about the manufacturing companies. First I took a small package of 2.7 kg for testing, I was satisfied with the result. I always thought my Ricky stuff was gluttonous, and he ate this food and did not go hungry after me around the house.

Still, the fact that the ¾-food consists of meat,Can be seen right away, if only because the dog feels well fed. Of the minuses, it can be noted only that it is not always possible to buy it in zoo stores, but online stores greatly facilitate the life of dog owners from cities where in pet stores there is absolutely no choice of good food.

Angelina, Moscow

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When I bought my collie, I was waiting forAn unpleasant surprise: the dog was not only allergic, but also with a weak stomach. Having suffered a month with a choice of a ration, have addressed to the expert from a veterinary clinic. He said that for such a dog, a protein-rich feed will be too aggressive, you need to choose a special diet.

In this case, the collie - the main wealth - beautifulWool, and problems with feeding immediately on it affect. I bought my feeder Gow Sensitivity + Shine with fresh salmon and oatmeal. Somewhere I read that dogs with black hair are the best food, and we have the main color just black. The allergy is gone, the coat looks good, the stool is normal. I think we will not change the feed for another.

Sofia, St. Petersburg

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