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Dog food misbalance: reviews

Dry dog ​​food Probalance (ProBalance) isProduct of Russian-Danish cooperation. The food production is carried out at the plant near St. Petersburg on high-tech equipment from Denmark, designed specifically for this purpose.

The imbalance is a dry premium food, affordable and economically profitable. The main thing is that at a low price, food producers fulfill all the requirements for premium-class rations:

  1. Use natural ingredients,
  2. There are no artificial colors, preservatives and waste products of food production.

Nutrition is a complete diet, notRequiring complementary supplementation. The formula of food is based on the scientific approach and experience of veterinarians and nutritionists. To the pluses of food Imbalance refers to its species diversity and the needs of dogs of different ages and health status.

It also attracts the fact that food of Russian production, that is, it can always be purchased in any quantities, there are no problems with supplies, as is the case with many imported feedstuffs.


Composition and reviews for dog food Imbalance

In the composition of the Forbalance there are no cheapFillers in the form of corn, soybean and wheat. On the first place in the list of ingredients is dihydrated poultry meat, the content of which is not less than 30%. Cereals are represented by rice, which is considered to be the most useful source of carbohydrates for dogs.

The formula for Imbalance feed includes a vitamin-mineral supplement, which balances all the minerals and vitamins necessary for the dog. The food is:

  • fish fat,
  • Oils are sources of omega acids,
  • Useful amino acids,
  • Sources of energy and recovery.

A unique development is the inclusion ofFormula for feed phytocomposition of medicinal herbs, which are necessary for the dog. These are herbs useful for digestion, vision, enhancement of immunity, blood circulation, wool and teeth:

  • basil,
  • St. John's wort,
  • green tea,
  • Milk thistle,
  • Echinacea,
  • Fucus,
  • Wisecrack

In the stern there is an important source of iodine -Kelp, vegetables: cabbage and pumpkin, berries of hawthorn, mountain ash and dogrose. The formula of the Imbalance contains prebiotics and valuable oils. All ingredients of nutrition have a high nutritional value, which allows you to reduce the amount of food without affecting the satiety and health of the dog. The convenient shape of the feed pellets corresponds to the anatomical features of the animals and strengthens their jaw muscles and teeth.

Types of food Imbalance for dogs

Species composition of the feed The imbalance is diverse and tries to take into account the needs of all dogs. The main food line is designed for dogs of all breeds. Available in yellow package:

  • For adult active dogs;
  • For adult dogs of large breeds;
  • For adult dogs of small and medium breeds;
  • For puppies.

These types of feed are intended for organizationHealthy dogs, are designed to increase immunity and create an optimal balance of nutrients. The diet for dogs with increased activity contains a higher percentage of meat - 32%. A special series of feeds is presented, which can be recognized by the blue packaging: Fitness and Beauty.

The imbalance Fitness (Fitness) is issued underSlogan: normal weight and muscle mass. This food is intended for dogs that are not subject to heavy workloads, their activity level can be characterized as normal or low. This food can also be recommended as a diet for overweight dogs.

The percentage of protein is highLevel (26%), which allows you to burn fat, but keep muscle mass. Imbalance Beauty for beauty of a wool. It is recommended during preparation of the dog for exhibitions. Improves the skin and coat due to the increased content of flaxseed, which is beneficial for the appearance of the dog.

The imbalance offers special feeds in greenPackaging. Starter imbalance for puppies from 1 to 3 months, pregnant and nursing bitches. Contains all the necessary components for the proper development of the puppy and ensures the normal development of the joints. Imbalance Hypoallergenic for dogs of all breeds.

The food is for dogs with sensitiveDigestion and prone to food allergies. A limited set of ingredients can reduce the number of possible allergens. The main components of nutrition are rice and turkey meat.

Reviews for dog food Imbalance

Reference number 1

Composition and reviews for dog food Imbalance

I was looking for a dog suitable for my dogfeed. I have a very active girl, we fed her dry food of another brand in the indicated doses, but it was as if she did not have enough. I was also important in the acceptable price of food and the fact that it can always be found on sale.

My colleague-dog breeder advised me to drawAttention to the feed Imbalance, said that under this brand there is a special diet for active dogs, and perhaps it will suit my Irma. I decided to try it, and I guessed with the choice of brand. My super-active husky has come to taste, and for several months it has been fed only by this diet.

Feels great, eats, and while weWe will not refuse it. Especially since we are planning to knit soon, and the manufacturer offers feed for pregnant, nursing bitches and small puppies. I am glad that in such a critical period it will not be necessary to change the feed to another brand, which is always fraught with surprises.

Irina, St. Petersburg

Reference number 2

In dry food, the imbalance attracted me, ifHonestly, above all, a reasonable price. I have several dogs of different breeds, so too expensive food is not available to me. I bought food for adult dogs of medium and small breeds, began to feed their pets. But whether they were spoiled by other more expensive rations, or for some other reason, my dogs met food reluctantly.

It was necessary to refuse from it and to continue searchesIdeal diet for all of us. Talked about this with an experienced breeder who lives in the neighborhood, he said that in the composition of the Probalance feed is indicated in the composition of dihydrated meat.

This means that the meat was subjected to a strongProcessing, which greatly reduces the usefulness and value of this product. Perhaps my animals instinctively felt it, so, alas, I could not save.

Evgenia, St. Petersburg

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