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Rating of dry dog ​​food 2014

The high demand for ready-made dog food led toThat there are a lot of proposals in this segment. On the one hand, it's good when dog owners have plenty to choose from, but on the other hand, it's not easy to understand a huge assortment and choose the best feed.

Our rating for the year 2014, based on expert studies, will help us to orient ourselves in the current situation in the feed market. The main indicators for selection in the ratingServes the content of meat and meat products, the absence of dyes and other artificial additives, the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the absence of doubtful products of unknown origin.

TOP 20 rating of the best dry dog ​​food 2014

Rating of the best dry dog ​​food 2014

1. Innova Evo Reduced Fat - food from the famous line of dry food for dogs based on natural products. The formula of the diet is based on a high content of turkey and chicken meat. The food is prepared from fresh products, which pass more than 50 examinations, confirming their high quality.

2. Innova Evo Red Meat - a diet for dogs from red fresh meat. It includes four types of meat:

  • Beef,
  • Venison,
  • Meat of lamb,
  • Buffalo meat.

This food is produced in large granules and inGranules of small size. It is characterized by increased nutritional value and better taste. Food for dogs Innova is prepared only from natural ingredients contained in raw food, it also contains useful bacteria, probiotics, beneficial to the microflora of the dog's body.

3. Orijen 6 fresh fish - food rich in fresh fish meat: salmon, herring, saithe, flounder, pike perch, pike, and whitefish. The nutritional value of the diet is explained by the fact that it is 80% of fish meat. Also in the composition of dog food, Origen includes useful herbs, fiber, kelp, fruits and vegetables. There are no unnecessary carbohydrates, food charges the dog with energy, it is nutritious due to high (38%) protein content.

4. Orijen Puppy Large is a puppy food made from chicken, turkey and fish meat. The composition of the feed includes turkey and chicken liver, fresh whole eggs, salmon and herring. The diet also contains chicken cartilage, rich in vitamins and minerals, a set of medicinal herbs, fruits and vegetables. The meal is designed for puppies of all breeds and allows them to grow their offspring healthy and energetic.

Rating of the best dry dog ​​food 2014

5. Orijen Senior - food for aging dogs, taking into account their age characteristics and needs for a special diet. The diet is prepared from fresh natural products: chicken, turkey meat and fish. The composition of nutrition includes useful by-products:

  • Heart chicken,
  • Chicken cartilage,
  • Liver turkey and chicken.

An aging dog will benefit from a balanced combination of proteins and fats, and the lack of carbohydrates and cereals.

6. Orijen Adult - food for adult dogs. Even the representatives of the smallest breeds by nature are predators. Meals Orijen Adult takes into account and offers a composition rich in meat ingredients. There are no grain ingredients, only fresh meat grown on the will of chickens and turkeys and caught in clean Canadian water reservoirs. Food is 80% meat, nutritious and well digested. Sources of calories are proteins, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables.

7. Acana Pacifica is a food based on fish diversity from the northern coast of Canada. Ingredients of nutrition - a fresh fish, which is not subjected to freezing before the production of her food for dogs. 60% of the food consists of nutritious fish: salmon, herring, white fish, flounder. Fish proteins are easily digested and make the dog healthy, smart and strong. The rest of the diet is for useful herbs, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

8. Acana Grasslands - grain-free dog food based on meat of lamb, duck and pike perch. The high protein formula approximates the diet to natural nutrition, making it the best diet for healthy dogs of all breeds. For this brand are supplied fresh products that are not subject to freezing and preservation. The complex of useful fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits and berries makes the dog's diet rich and varied.

9. Acana Prairie Harvest is a high-quality, grain-free feed. The main meat ingredient is fresh chicken, and the meat contains fish meat - fresh lakes and white pike perch. An additional source of protein is fresh whole eggs. The food contains useful chicken fat and chicken cartilage. Also included is a complex of herbs, berries and fresh fruits, which are a source of calories for the energy of the dog.

Rating of the best dry dog ​​food 2014

10. On the tenth place in the ranking of the best dry dog ​​food for 2014 - CANIDAE All Life Stages - a diet developed according to a formula that takes into account the needs of the dog throughout her life. Meal contains meat ingredients: chicken, turkey, lamb and dehydrated meat of ocean fish. Food includes cereals, a complex of enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

eleven. CANIDAE Grain-free ALS formula - dry food for dogs of super premium class. The main source of proteins is the meat of ocean fish. Suitable for all breeds, ideal as an everyday food, hypoallergenic, comprehensively cares for the health of the dog.

12. Go Natural is a balanced holistic feed of Canadian origin. Dietetics of the company-manufacturer Petcurean have developed three unique formulas for eating: non-grain, whole-grained and for dogs with sensitive digestion and a tendency to food allergies.

13. Innova Adult Dog Food Dry - the famous holistic feed for adult dogs with different flavors. The composition of only natural ingredients: chicken and turkey meat, beef and lamb. Nutrition has a grainless formula with a high protein content.

14. Acana Adult Dog is a complete food for adult dogs of all breeds. The formula of this brand includes sources of protein:

  1. chick,
  2. Pacific salmon,
  3. Whole eggs,
  4. Phytocomposition from useful herbs,
  5. Vitamins and minerals.

15. Acana Light & Fit food is specially created to ensure the correct diet of dogs prone to obesity and overeating. The dog will always be at an ideal weight thanks to the skillfully selected ingredients of the ration: chicken meat, fresh eggs and flounder caught off the coast of Vancouver. In the dry food of Akane the minimum content of carbohydrates and sugars, a lot of protein. The only grain ingredient is the cut oats.

Rating of the best dry dog ​​food 2014

16. Acana Lamb & Apple - food for dogs, sensitive to food allergens. The number of ingredients in the diet is limited, common allergens are excluded. The only meat ingredient is lamb meat, 10% of the products fall on the fresh apples of the Red Delicious variety. A hypoallergenic source of cereals is a cut oats. Nutrition helps to make a correct diet even for the most sensitive to food allergens the dog.

17. Acana Sport & Agility is a food that increases the endurance of dogs leading an active lifestyle. The nutrition of such dogs should be rich in proteins, so the diet is 80% composed of meat ingredients. Fresh meat of juicy chickens of Cobb breed, natural eggs from Canadian farms, fresh fish - all this is contained in food for dogs who love sports and activity.

18. CANIDAE Chicken & Rise - food for dogs of high quality. The main source of protein is fresh chicken meat. The food includes useful natural supplements that improve the condition of the skin and coat of a dog. The diet contains probiotics and prebiotics, vitamins and minerals.

19. CANIDAE Lamb & Rice - a diet developed according to a unique formula "for people". The nutrition takes into account the needs of the dog in the protein, the caloric needs, a balanced combination of all the ingredients, the lack of allergen products. Lamb meat in a duet with brown rice is the main source of cheerfulness and health of the dog.

20. Innova Reduced Fat Adult - food based on natural ingredients for adult dogs. The diet is a diet with low fat content. Low-calorie food for dogs prone to fattening, has established itself as the best way to bring the animal's weight back to normal.

This rating of dry food for dogs 2014 is made on the basis of the authoritative American magazine "Dog's Life"

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