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Food for dogs Guabi (guabi): price, reviews

Guabi (Guabi) is a dog foodPremium class, which is produced in Brazil. The brand Guabi has been known for more than 35 years, over the years the company has accumulated a lot of experience in the production of healthy food for dogs.

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The basis of production is the use ofNatural products that are grown specifically for the company on the Brazilian farms. The company does not have branches in other countries, which allows better control over the quality of goods. Guam's food is exported to more than 30 countries, constantly winning new markets and the trust of dog owners in countries of all continents.

In Europe, where the dog foodTo meet high standards of quality, the Guabi brand not only withstood the expert examination, but also took one of the leading places among numerous competitors.

Types of food for dogs Guabi

Food for dogs guabi (guabi)Under the Guabi brand several rulers are issuedFeed in different price categories. Guabi Natural (Guabi Natural) diet is a professional feed, it is available in a variety of options, taking into account the age and breed of the dog. Types of nutrition for adult dogs:

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  • For large and giant rocks;
  • For medium breeds;
  • For small breeds;
  • For large rocks light;
  • For small and medium breeds light. For puppies:
  • Large and giant breeds;

Also produced feed for elderly dogs GuabiNatural Senior. The food of the economy class from Guabi is the ruler of the Guabi Sabor & Vida rations. Here we present feeds for adult dogs and puppies with chicken meat and beef + liver. Food is balanced in its composition with a protein content of more than 26%, it contains:

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  1. cellulose,
  2. Minerals,
  3. calcium,
  4. phosphorus,
  5. Complex of necessary vitamins for the dog.

Guabi Gran Plus (Guabi gran plus) - anotherInexpensive line of dry food from the Brazilian manufacturer. Here you will find a special feed for active dogs with beef and rice, for adult dogs and puppies with chicken and rice, beef and cereals.

Feed Ingredients Guabi

The feeds of Guabi are developed on the basis of knowledge andRecommendations of veterinarians and nutritionists and with the support of scientific research in the field of the production of healthy food for dogs. Rulers of Guabi diets allow you to choose it for your pet for life, changing only the age categories. The food formula of nutrition is chicken and chicken liver.

The feed contains:

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  • Chicken fat,
  • One-piece white and brown rice,
  • Pulp of beet,
  • A large complex of minerals,
  • Vitamins,
  • Useful acids and oils,
  • Cellulose.

Food contains energy sources forActivity of the dog - L-carnitine. Preservation of food occurs with the use of a natural preservative - tocopherol. The percentage of protein in the diet is high - it is more than 26% of the total volume. In the diet of Guabi, there is a sufficient amount of fats necessary for normal life.

Beet pulp in the composition of the feed normalizes the workIntestines and promotes better absorption of nutrition. Useful components of food contribute to the preservation of vision, the normal operation of the heart, prevent arthritis, strengthen the bones and teeth of the animal. Sources of omega-3 acids have a positive effect on the condition of the coat, reduce allergy manifestations, and reduce the risk of increased cholesterol.

Reviews for dog food guabi

Reference number 1

I took my york from a responsible breeder,Who presented me with a gift of 3 kg packaging for Guabi for small and dwarf puppies. My Velma was 3 months old when I bought her, so she already ate this food. The breeder recommended it, said that the puppy is developing in accordance with the norms, there are no negative reactions to this brand.

I decided not to complicate my life and did not becomeTo change the feed, which I never regretted. Only later, when Velma grew older, she switched over to the diet of the same brand for adult dogs of small breeds. This food is considered professional, and the price for it is very acceptable, at least for the owners of small dogs.

We had enough food for 1.5 months. At the heart of the fodder is chicken meat, of cereals - only rice. There was never an allergic reaction to food. Velma's wool is shiny and silky, although I do not give her any special supplements. Food contains sources of omega-acids, which is very useful for wool.

Tamara, Moscow

Reference number 2

Food for dogs guabi (guabi)We bought our factory not in the nursery, specialNo recommendations for feeding have been received. We were told that the puppy eats everything. But we did not like such an approach to growing dogs, although we did not intend to conquer the exhibitions, but wanted to raise a healthy and active friend for our children. So immediately decided that we will feed him good nutrition.

Our friends recommended us Guabi NaturalFor large dogs. They say that few people guess with the diet from the first time: either the dog does not want it, or allergy starts, or problems with digestion. But we can say lucky, once choosing food, we did not change it anymore, only switched to a diet for another age group, when our Larry grew up.

We buy food in large packages of 15 kg andAlways with a margin, because sometimes there is no such brand on sale. Once there was a failure in supply, I had to buy a ration of the same brand, but another line of Sabor and Vida, also with chicken meat. No problems arose, food is cheaper at a price, but still we returned to the natural NATURAL us once it appeared again. We visit a veterinarian only for prophylaxis, our pet has no health problems (he is now 4 years old).

Ivan, St. Petersburg

Review №3

We wanted to feed our sheltie Eyre with Guabi's foodStraight, but, unfortunately, she did not come. As it turned out, she is allergic to chicken meat, and this ingredient is the main one in all kinds of this food. We heard a lot of good about this food, including from the owners of sisters and brothers of our Eyra, from whom this brand went to Ur.

But we had to switch to other food. It is a pity that in professional forage is not provided that many dogs have an allergy to chicken meat, it would be possible to introduce feeds with other sources of meat, for example, with lamb meat.

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