/ How and what food to choose for a dog: dry, wet

How and what food to choose for a dog: dry, wet

Sometimes a pet needs attention and careNo less than a small child. Our pets can not take care of themselves, so the responsibility for proper nutrition and timely treatment lies with us.

To avoid problems withHealth, discomfort, you need to know what and how to choose the right food for the dog. Contrary to popular belief, homemade food is not always able to provide your pet with all the vitamins and micronutrients it needs.

Replenish this shortage of ready-made feedsFor dogs - despite the established stereotypes, they can fully provide the dog with everything necessary for its full growth and development. The most popular and advertised are dry dog ​​food; They have different composition, can be enriched with various additives.

Types of dog food

Economy class food is notable for smallTheir main ingredients are cereals, soybeans, and waste products of low-quality meat production. They do not give the dog all the necessary substances for a full life, do not saturate it, because of this it is necessary to give the animal more food, thereby increasing its consumption.

If you use them on an ongoing basis, thisWill inevitably affect the condition of the pet and its appearance: the pet will become more sluggish, weaker, wool will fade, and health problems may appear. Use such food as little as possible, only if you do not have other food for your dog.

Premium fodders are distinguished by a higherQuality, after all at their manufacturing the best production is used, vitamin complexes are added. This food is designed taking into account the characteristics of dogs of a certain age and breed, which allows you to meet the needs of your pet.

Feed for premium dogs can evenPeople are used because their composition is completely safe. The price of such feeds is rather large - quality ingredients can not be cheap; On the other hand, their consumption is much lower.

Canned dog food has the bestTaste, but also a higher price. They are divided into feed for daily use, consisting of muscle tissue, cereals, vegetables, and delicacies, which are more expensive and in their composition have better ingredients, but they also contain addictive additives.

How to choose dry dog ​​foodWhat is the composition of dog food?

If we talk about the ingredients of dog food,Then the main one is meat - in most cases beef, pork or chicken are used. You can not do without cereals with vegetables, the percentage of which should not be less than 25%. Quite often added extracts of wheat germs and seaweed, as well as complexes of vitamins and trace elements - all this is aimed at improving the health of your pet.

Due to the presence of preservatives, feed canPersist for many months, the main thing is to avoid forages labeled "Antioxidant: EWG-additives" (they are considered not completely safe, especially with prolonged use). One of the main criteria for quality feed is the correct ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Proteins are needed for the growth of the animal and the fullThe development of its muscles, without fats is inconceivable the full functioning of the dog's body, a sufficient amount of carbohydrates makes the pet vigorous. The ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats should be indicated on the product packaging, as well as its digestibility (this figure can not be less than 75%).

With less digestibility, the pet will eatMore than usual, the amount of food, but not saturated. Many dog ​​owners buy universal food for a long period of time, believing that this is quite enough. It is much more useful to buy special food for dogs of different age periods, because the needs of a puppy aged couple of months, adult and elderly dogs vary significantly.

It is extremely necessary to feed a pregnant or lactatingDog special food - it has all the necessary substances for the future mother, which will ensure and normal development of puppies, and good lactation. If you have a choice between several completely safe and high-quality feeds with a good balance of ingredients, without harmful preservatives and with the necessary additives, it is better to choose the one that your pet eats more willingly.

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