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Pros and cons of dry dog ​​food

With the advent of a pet, it immediately appearsThe question is - what should he feed? If you decide for yourself that dry dog ​​food is the best solution, then our recommendations will be useful for you. What are the pros and cons of dry dog ​​food, pros and cons?

First, you need to consultVeterinarians or experienced dog breeders, since each animal has its own individual characteristics and the feed for fighting dogs is completely inappropriate for ornamental breeds (the list of decorative dogs here), the food for puppies is not suitable for an animal of retirement age. When buying food, be sure to check the integrity of the package, the expiration date and do not be lazy to read the composition.

In the best dog food, onlyNatural products, cereals and vegetables. To begin with, you can buy a small package and give your pet a sample. If the food is to his liking - congratulations, the problem with food is almost solved. But if the dog wants to remain hungry with a full bowl of feed, then look for another producer.

If the dog was fed exclusively by a naturalica andYou decided to transfer it to drying, then do it not for one day, but for 7-20 days. You can add a little kefir or cheese to dry food to accustom the dog to a new diet.

REMEMBER! - never mix natural products and dry food; - it is forbidden to mix forcemeat with dry food; - Allowed dry food soak with water or low-fat kefir.

What are the pros and cons of dry dog ​​foodWet canned food for dogs: the pros and cons

Producers of fodder produce canned meat inA kind of cubes or minced meat - delicacies and for a daily diet. In comparison with dry food they are more expensive and tastier. Canned food is better digested, because 75% of them consist of water.

Delicatessen food made from groundBy-products, extruded soybeans and dyes, to give the meat more natural color of real meat. By conserving animals get used quickly, but its composition is not fully adequate for daily nutrition and the constant feeding with such food is fraught with diseases of bones. The optimal option is a combination of dry and combined feed.

Cheap dry dog ​​food: the pros and cons

Grade ECONOM. Such inexpensive feeds include the cheapest products and constantly it is strongly recommended to feed dogs. The feed of the economy class often includes:

  • Soybean,
  • Cheap cereals,
  • Hormones,
  • Chemical additives and pesticides.

This feed is digested much worse and with such nutrition, animals need regular vitamin supplementation.

Food for daily use REGULAR

The sort of dry food Regular consists of the most high-quality natural ingredients and is digested much better. But in its composition there is a lot of salt, fragrances, sweeteners and synthetic additives.

Pros and Cons of Dry Feed Premium

The best fodders in which it is optimalVitamins, minerals, quality foods - meat, cereals, vegetables, eggs - were selected. In addition, producers of dry food for premium dogs take into account the individual characteristics of the animal: age, weight, its physical state. Your dog can not speak, so the choice of her nutrition and her health depends entirely on your decision!

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