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Dog food "Faithful friends": price, composition, reviews

"True friends" - dry food for dogs, Russian production. This is a premium product, designed for all breeds.

Dry dog ​​food Faithful friends

As part of "True Friends", beef meat flour, chicken meat flour, pork meat flour - only 27% protein. The source of carbohydrates are:

  • wheat,
  • corn,
  • Rice,
  • Chicken fat,
  • flax seeds,
  • Pulp of sugar beet,
  • yeast.

In addition, this food is enriched with vitamins, including group B, antioxidants and such mineral substances as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, copper. Of the valuable products, the composition of the feed also includes:

  • Eggs,
  • Bird's liver,
  • yogurt,
  • milk,
  • vegetable oil,
  • Fish oil,
  • carrot,
  • Tomatoes,
  • Apples,
  • Pharmacy calendula,
  • rosemary,
  • nettle,
  • Extract of red grapes and green tea,
  • yucca.

The main advantages of dog food Faithful friends

Price of dog food "True friends"

The diets of this food are intended forActive adult animals, as well as for aging and older dogs over the age of seven, in whom activity has already been reduced. As the main ingredients in the feed "Faithful Friends" are used natural meat products.

Due to this, the feed has an excellent taste, is easily digested and at the same time provides the animal with a stock of all necessary vitamins, nutrients and trace elements.

A wide range of feeds "Faithful Friends"Allows you to choose the most acceptable taste combination even for the choosiest dog. It can be used as a daily diet, and a favorite dog delicacy, which can be used for training. The formula of the feed and its balance helps the dog to increase natural immunity and protect the pet's health for a long time.

With the correct daily intake of dry food "Faithful Friends" the dog is always full of vitality and active. Dry food diets take into account not onlyAge characteristics of dogs and are calculated both for puppies, and for adults and separately for aging dogs. Also in the diet are taken into account the needs of animals of different breeds. That is why the range of feeds "Faithful Friends" includes rations for dogs of medium and large breeds.


The cost of feed is about 300 rubles per bag in 3 kg, 1300 rubles per bag in 15 kg.

Reviews for dog food "Faithful Friends"

Reference number 1

My Bobtails already ate a whole bag of "Faithful"Friends ". For the first time I am so satisfied with the food. He has a clearly high taste for dogs and the composition is excellent: nothing superfluous and everything a dog needs is available. Animals look good, active and cheerful. I take specially food for medium breeds.

Victor, Moscow

Reference number 2

I took a ration of fodder from lamb and rice meatEspecially for the winter, as a food with a high energy intensity. Very satisfied, my short-haired dog does not freeze as it used to, very active, often offers to play. The coat is also very beautiful.

Alina, St. Petersburg

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