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Dry food for white dogs

The owners of white dogs have often noticed thatSome, if not many, types of food cause pigmentation and wool impregnation. This is not only not beautiful, but completely spoils the appearance of the animal preparing for the exhibition.

The dog runs the risk of being disqualified because of such an annoying trifle. Therefore, some companies that produce canine food produce a special dog food with white wool. In such feeds, there are no coloring ingredients (for example, beets) and substances that can cause allergies, from which the dog has a discharge from the eyes leaving red hair on the coat.

Forage for white dogs from Origen (ORIJEN) and Canidae

Canidae foodOne such feed is ORIJEN CanadianCompany Champion petfoods. This is the highest quality food from products from Canadian farms. In addition, in the feed, only ingredients that are most suitable for dogs are used in principle.

In the composition of the Oriigen fodder, such fish varieties as:

  • Lake trout,
  • Whitefish,
  • zander,
  • salmon,
  • burbot,
  • Chicken meat,
  • Turkey.

As sources of carbohydrates and vitamins in feedContain vegetables and fruits (apple, black currant, cranberries), seaweed. Products are not subject to freezing, and they do not add dyes and preservatives. The food is cooked for a couple.

The CANIDAE feed offers two formulas for white dogs. The formula LAMB & RICE is a hypoallergenic productFrom high-quality mutton and brown rice. It does not contain wheat, corn, soy, offal, gluten and synthetic preservatives that can cause allergy and darkening of the coat.

Formula GRAIN FREE SALMON - grainless. In its composition, salmon, vegetables and fruits, which is very suitable for dogs with allergies, not only for cereals, but also for animal protein.


Grandmother Food

The French feed of the company Grandrend - SensitiveCare Holistic is a completely natural hypoallergenic product with high-quality meat ingredients (lamb, turkey, salmon). These feeds do not contain:

  • wheat,
  • corn,
  • Beet pulp,
  • Offal,
  • Chicken fat and chicken,
  • Soybean,
  • Artificial fillers,
  • sugar,
  • salt,
  • Dyes,
  • Flavors and GMOs.

All this can cause allergies and color white hair.

Reviews for dry food for white dogs

Reference number 1

My white English bulldog is prettyA traditional allergy to chicken. We tried a lot of expensive and untwisted feeds, but it still did not fit. Finally came across the Barking Heads Bed Hears Day diet lamb with rice.

For a year now we have been feeding them and do not get accustomed to our beloved snow-white fur. Lost and what is the discharge from the ears and eyes. There is a minimal composition of products, there is nothing superfluous.

Irina, Moscow

Reference number 2

We have two tiny Maltese lap-dogs. They have a constant problem of staining white wool from the feed. Kormov 10 tried, nothing helped. Even from licking on the cheeks appear lustrous.

Were tormented, while the familiar breeders of the same breedDo not advise hypoallergenic food from the company Bosch. This is a diet of lamb with rice - the most sparing for allergy sufferers. Six months already do not know the problems and quietly go to the exhibition.

Alexey, Krasnodar

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