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Veterinary food for dogs

When treating various diseases the dog needs not only medicines. Special veterinary feeds become a good help, especially for chronic diseases.

They are not the basic food and shouldAppointed by a veterinarian after a thorough examination of the animal. Such a line has a Dutch super super premium class Hills. This is a series of feed called Prescription Diet.

They are appointed by the veterinarian in the treatment of diseases:

Dry veterinary food for dogs

  • Heart,
  • Digestive system,
  • Liver,
  • Kidney,
  • Genitourinary system,
  • Diseases of joints,
  • Allergies in dogs.

Such feeds are used during the postoperative rehabilitation of the animal and in metabolic disorders, for the treatment of obesity and even the prevention of plaque and calculus formation.

Veterinary food for dogs of the brand Purina

In the line of feed Purina (Purina) created a professional veterinary diet - Veterinary Diets (PVD). This is an auxiliary dietary food for dogs that suffer from certain diseases.

Each type of feed provides an appropriate balanceEssential nutrients while meeting the special nutritional needs. The composition of the feed is based on the company's serious research, which uses innovative approaches and modern scientific developments.

Fest Choice (1-st Choice) and Royal Canin

Feed Fest ChoiceVeterinary food is a product from the company1st Choice. This is a hypoallergenic food ADULT HYPOALERGENIC, which is based on duck meat and dried potatoes. The food is created for dogs suffering from food allergy or having a sensitive stomach.

Many kinds of veterinary food are offered by Royal Canin. It is used with an excluding diet, whenIt is necessary to calculate the food allergen. One of such diets is recommended for dogs with chronic inflammation of the intestines and diarrhea, food intolerance or allergy, insufficiency of pancreatic enzymes.

There is a special food for dogs with disabilitiesDigestion, colitis and bacterial polifering in the intestine. Special diets are designed for dogs with different degrees of obesity, suffering from dermatoses and atopy, urolithiasis, kidney or heart failure, diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Reviews for veterinary dog ​​food

Reference number 1

My pug felt choked when running. It was very difficult to walk with him, a little run over and already lay down and can not get up. He was diagnosed with heart failure, discharged many different medications. But also the veterinarian advised a special feed.

We took the medical Royal Canin. Of course, they were mainly treating medicines, but the dog was noticeably transformed, it became brighter, it even lost a little weight to the correct proportions, which did not slow to affect activity.

Evgenia, Kiev

Reference number 2

I have my dog ​​for a long time cured of dysplasia of the hip joint. This is the proportion of many large and heavy dogs. In this case, we are well assisted by a special veterinary feed from Hills.

It helps to keep the dog's weight normal, and alsoIs saturated with special substances that strengthen the joints. When the dog eats this food, it becomes more mobile and clearly feels less discomfort.

Olga, Moscow

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