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Dog food Brekkies (Brekis): composition, price, reviews

Brekkies (Brekis) - dry food of the Spanish manufacturer of premium class. This is a balanced full-feed for dogs of different ages and breeds.

It is provided with the content of all necessaryFor the body of animal proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as macro- and microelements, important vitamins. The food is good for the dog, it is well perceived and absorbed by the body, and also has an attractive taste.

The main advantages of dog food Brekkies (Brekis)

  • He has a number of valuable properties. For example, it improves the functioning of the animal's immune system, strengthens its skeleton and musculature.
  • Due to the low content of magnesium in the feed and other features of its composition, acidifying urine, nutrition with this product helps to avoid the formation of kidney stones in the animal.
  • Brekkies crispy pellets strengthen the gums and brush their teeth, not allowing them to be deposited on them with dental calculus and preventing many dental diseases.

In the range of feeds Brekkies provided severalRations for dogs of a certain age and taste preferences. So, for puppies and young dogs, a special forage Brekkies Excel Dog Junior is made. Its formula is based on products such as chicken and rice, which is especially rich in complex carbohydrates.

Dry dog ​​food Brekkies (Brekis): price, reviews

This gives the growing body a lot of energy andSupplies it with the necessary nutrients. Fiber improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Diet Brekkies Excel Dog Mix Chicken & Fish is created based on chicken and fish. It is designed specifically for dogs prone to food allergies to cereals.

The omega-6 fatty acids contained in thisDiet, support the natural protection of the body, rejuvenating act on aging animals. Also in the range of feeds Brekis there are diets for adult dogs and the following products: salmon, tuna and vegetables; Cereals, meat and vegetables; Chicken meat, rice and vegetables.


The cost of Brekkies feed ranges from 1200 rubles per bag to 10 kg.

Reviews for dog food Brekkies (Brekis)

Reference number 1

I liked the food Brekis. My dogs gladly eat it and there is no allergy, which is an especially important factor for shar pei. I studied the composition of the feed before buying it on the manufacturer's website. We stopped at this stern, because the relationship between price and quality was especially appealing.

Alexander, Kiev

Reference number 2

I have a very fastidious york. But to feed the most expensive forages simply can not afford. Therefore, we have recently switched to this feed. He not only for the price, but also for the quality fully arranged. My Archie with a contented muzzle weaves it, the state of eyes and wool is excellent, as if he separately consumes vitamins.

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