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Comparison of dry food for dogs and their composition

Advertising of all dry feeds speaks about their benefits, but the huge difference in price means that these products are quite different.

But this food, directly related toHealth of the pet and therefore it must be chosen carefully and as scrupulously as possible. Therefore, when choosing a dry food, it is better to follow certain rules. Ideally, the dog's diet should be coordinated, and even considered by a veterinarian in accordance with age, breed, health status and other features of the animal's body.

Comparison of the composition of dry food for dogs

Dry dog ​​food for quality is divided into threeCategories: super-premium, premium-class and economy class. Dry food of economy class can be compared with instant noodles. They are edible, but a constant diet is dangerous to health and leads to diseases of the digestive system, the appearance of allergies, metabolic disorders.

In the diet they can be added only inAs a rare exception. Premium feeds are made from high-quality raw materials, but there are not many animal components in it compared to plant foods. In this case, they are well absorbed by the body. The best are super-premium feed. In their production only high quality natural ingredients are used:

  • meat,
  • a fish,
  • Cereals of superior quality.

In the production of such feeds, age, level of physical activity, body weight of the animal, its general health, and often the breed, are taken into account. When choosing a feed, you need to pay attention to the composition. In a good feed, meat products, not offal or recycled food waste, such as bone meal, will be listed first.

Ideally, the composition should not be writtenAn unidentified "bird", and "chicken" or "turkey". Also, high-quality feed contains not more than 50% of cereals or vegetables. The composition of the feed should indicate the specific ingredient (rice, wheat, oats, etc.), and not flour. In a good feed should be:

  • Brown or white rice,
  • Oats,
  • millet,
  • barley.

Corn is poorly digested, and wheat is oftenCauses food allergy. Also in the stern there should be all the necessary microelements and vitamins. Dogs also have taste preferences and the animal may not like one diet and become a favorite other diet of the same food.

Where it is better to buy?

Picking up food, it is better to buy first not largeAnd more advantageous packs, and samplers, to check the dog's reaction to this food. It should be borne in mind that a good feed on the basis of quality raw materials by definition can not be cheap, so it's better not to pay attention to advertisements for feed of economy class.

In addition, good food is not sold inSupermarket. It is best to look for him in a pet store or in a store specializing in feed. Another sign of quality feed is the presence in the range of a large selection of not only menus, but also feed for different ages and breeds of animals, as well as the availability of so-called veterinary feeds for dogs recommended for different health conditions. This indicates that the manufacturer has its own laboratories and is serious about the issue of making feed.

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