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German dog food

German dog food, as a rule, has a good composition and high quality. Consider the most popular of them.

The Belcando (Belcanto) product is a foodSuper premium class. Ingredients for its production are grown on German farms. For maximum preservation of nutrients, they are subjected to gentle treatment.

Here they do not apply:

  • Offal,
  • Soybean,
  • Raw materials of poor quality,
  • Preservatives,
  • Dyes,
  • Genetically modified products
  • Flavors.

To preserve the food, vitamin E is used andOil of rosemary. In the dog food Belcando more than 80% of animal protein, due to which it is perfectly digested. The company produces several types of rations for dogs of different breeds, age, predisposition to certain diseases and lifestyle characteristics.

Feed for puppies is balanced by a mixture of minerals and vitamins necessary for proper development.

German dog food

Dog food for Josera (Josera) is producedFamily business in Germany for 70 years. Its affordable prices are combined with innovative developments and the quality of the super premium class. To produce it, high-quality products of German origin, which are allowed for human consumption, are used.

In the diet of Djoser in order to avoid allergies is not used:

  • Soybean,
  • wheat,
  • Dyes,
  • Artificial preservatives,
  • Flavors.

The food is made in the form of croquettes, powdered with meat sauce. With the addition of water, such food becomes a delicious, moist food.

Bosh dry rations

In Europe, dog food for the family is popularBosch Thiernarang. This is a super-premium class diet made from foods suitable for human consumption. In the range of Bosh feeds a large range for pets of different activities, life spans and health status.

Feed Bosh (Bosh)In 2013, a series of BIO feeds appeared on the marketBosch. It is created on the basis of the concept of ecologically clean food with the preservation of minerals, vitamins and enzymes 50% more than in traditional feeds.

Reviews of German dog food

Reference number 1

I took food for my boxer for a very long time. There are many ads, but there are also negative reviews. As a result, I was in a warehouse where nurseries are purchased. There I was advised dry food "Belcando". My problem is that my dog ​​does not like dry food.

To begin with, I mixed canned food with it. Within two weeks, I noticed that the coat was shiny, the dog's dander had disappeared, and all the physiological functions had returned to normal. It's good that the company has a large range of feeds and my fastidious dog rations can be changed quite often.

Vlada, St. Petersburg

Reference number 2

I fed my dog ​​for several yearsSuper premium food, but recently it so much has risen in price, that I had to think about the selection of another food - not less quality, but cheaper. Familiar dog breeders spoke very well of Yozer.

I tried and my dog ​​did not notice the difference in comparison with the previous food. And for me the main thing is that she is also active, and her hair is wonderful shining.

Roman, Moscow

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