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Food for dogs with lamb and rice: producers, reviews

Dry dog ​​food with lamb is most often used for animals with sensitive digestion.

This is especially true for small breed dogs, whichMost often have hereditary problems with the digestion of certain nutrients. In addition, this food is good for dogs with sensitive skin.

Meat based on lamb meat is greatDogs that do not experience great physical activity live in an apartment and need the necessary nutrients, but must remain in good shape. That is, do not get fat.

The most popular manufacturers of dry food for dogs with lamb

Dog food with lamb Bosch (Bosh)

Such food is offered by many well-known manufacturers of canine feed. For example:

  • Bosch, (the most famous brand is Bosch Sensitive Lamb with rice)
  • Hill's,
  • Brit,
  • 1st Choice,
  • PROFormance,
  • Verselel-Laga.

Most often rations of this diet are composed ofAntiallergenic and well digestible. To the lamb's meat, grains are added: rice, oats, barley, corn. It is not uncommon in the diet to combine a meat of lamb with fish, which adds another valuable source of protein.

Also in the composition of rations necessarily include products of vegetable origin, which ensure the correct operation of the intestine:

  • carrot,
  • Tomatoes,
  • beet,
  • peas.

Important components for the canine organism are flax seed, chicory extract, Yucca Schidiger extract, dried seaweed, brewer's yeast and various sources of natural vitamins.

Dry dog ​​food with lamb Brit (Brit)

Reviews for dry dog ​​food with lamb meat

Reference number 1

Dry food with lamb meat I give to my dogAlready 5 months, and in particular Bosh sensitive with lamb and rice. My Azra is in great shape, her long coat grows very fast and glitters. I especially like that it does not get fat on this stern. And after all, I have a seven-year-old Yorke, which is not so active anymore and is therefore inclined to eat tightly and go to sleep, and then the stomach grows.

We have tried many dry products, and the doseReduced, but then the dog obviously does not eat up and the unhappy wanders around the house, always begging for something. Even the veterinarian went with this problem and now he advised taking food with a lamb. Now we are completely satisfied.

Valeria, Moscow

Reference number 2

My watchdog has been on natural food since childhood. But somewhere in a year and a half, he became quite often experiencing stomach disorders. We tried different food, but nothing helped. Once a week he was attacked by a terrible diarrhea. Yes, and the condition of the skin and coat was just terrible, there was dander in the dog, the coat became dull and almost always shed.

So I decided to transfer the Boss to dry food. The task was not an easy one: to choose one that was not very expensive, but qualitatively. Dog-breeders advised Brit with the meat of a lamb. And he really came up. Within a week, the condition of the coat and skin improved markedly. No diarrhea and my big dog stopped growing fat.

Roman, Novosibirsk

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