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Collie or Scottish Shepherd: a description of the breed, the character of the dog, the standard, the price of the puppies, photo

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Collie is the embodiment of canine beauty, devotion, intelligence and goodwill. This interesting breed became a symbol of sincere friendship between man and dog.


Tendency to training
Security features
Protective properties
The size
Attitudes towards children

History of the breed


The history of the collie or the Scottish sheepdog abounds with reliable facts, and at the same time it is not possible to find out the origin of this dog for sure until now.

The first mention of the Scottish ShepherdBy the 14th century and belonged to the poet J. Chaucer. Then the representatives of this breed were described in the books "English Dogs", "History of the quadrupeds" and in the "British Encyclopedia of Dogs". Everywhere is said about the collie, as a shepherd's breed, which has a long coat of black or black and white color.

The origin of the collie has at least twoOpposite versions. According to one of them, the ancestors of the collie were brought to Northern Europe by the Roman legionaries, on the other - in Britain by that time already existed their shepherd dogs. Most likely, in the formation of the breed were involved, and Old English sheepdogs, and dogs of conquerors and resettled peoples.

Shepherd dogs were particularly common inHighland - a mountainous area between England and Scotland. The interesting difference between the collie and other shepherd dogs - the absence of aggression - is explained by the fact that the wolves in the British Isles have long been exterminated. Therefore, the main task of the collie was the ability to sheep the sheep so that they did not fend off the pack.

This ability is so fixed in the breed thatEven modern collies do not like it very much, when people walking with them move away from each other for a distance. According to their concepts, everyone should go together "flock", and they are closely watching this, barking everyone together.

Interestingly, the first popularizer of the breedBecame the English Queen Victoria. She drew attention to shepherd dogs in 1860 and brought them to Windsor Castle. From this moment, the formation of a collie as a companion dog is traced. For this purpose, the most effective representatives with thick wool were selected. Dogs that continued to be used as shepherds were called Border Collies.

The collie was first introduced inExhibition in 1860, and in 21 years the official breed standard was published. The first collies were black and black and white, and only due to the purposeful selection work there was a variety of colors: red, sable and marble. The first collies were distinguished by a coarser physique and a head structure. Modern elegance appeared due to the addition of the blood of Russian dog hounds.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, collies became popularDogs in other countries: they were taken to the US, Russia, Australia and New Zealand. In the United States and Europe, breed clubs actively engaged in breeding work were created, and in Australia, the collie was mainly used as a shepherd in sheep farms. In Russia, and then in the Soviet Union, the collies have gained immense popularity as service dogs, they participated in military operations during the Russo-Japanese War as nurses. During the Great Patriotic War, the collies delivered secret reports and searched for mines.

Collie Dick helped to find 12,000 mines during the war, including a huge land mine near the Pavlovsky Palace in Leningrad. He was wounded three times, lived to old age and was buried with military honors.

Longhair, coarse collie or collie raf

Collie, Longhair, coarse collie or collie raf

Smooth-haired (short-haired) collie or smusic collie

Collie, Smooth-haired collie or collie collie

Cheerful disposition and kind heart

Versatile abilities are explained by the characterScottish Shepherd. These good-natured dogs are devoted to their master and adapt to his lifestyle. With athletes, they become active participants in the competition and fast runners. With them you can participate in various active sports. In families with children, the collies take on the functions of a caring nanny, a cheerful friend and protector for children. For people leading a quiet lifestyle, they become excellent companions for walking and intelligent friends.

Conflicts with outsiders and othersThe animals try to avoid collies, but, if necessary, they can give a worthy rebuff to the enemy. Modern collies perfectly show protection, search and shepherd abilities, are an excellent companion for man. After a special course, training becomes a professional guide for the blind.

The collie's temperament is active, they are always readyPlay and run, react vividly to everything that is happening around, are curious, differ in intelligence, ingenuity, they are easily trained and have excellent memory. The breed was also famous because of the actor's talent.

Who played the role of Lassie
A famous film about Lassie, based on the bookEric Knight, created in the hearts of millions of people the image of a smart and faithful dog. Lassie's female role was always played by collie-boys. The first one was called Pal, which translates as a friend. In the subsequent adaptations about Lassie, of which only 11, the descendants of Pal were filmed.

Breed standard: basic characteristics

The Scottish Shepherd has two varieties: long-haired and short-haired collies.

In our country the collie with long hair is more known. They are characterized by the following parameters:

  • Harmonious addition
  • Dry, strong type of constitution
  • Gentle movements
  • Long narrow head
  • Scissor bite
  • Eyes almond shaped, giving the expression of the muzzle a special tricky expression.

The colors of wool are: tricolor, red: From light to sable and marble. Of particular importance is attached to white marks: for any color, a white collar is required, white socks or golf shoes on legs, white tip of tail are desirable, and white maw on the muzzle.

The ears of the collie are small triangular in shape, at the end about 1/3 of the ear is bent forward. The tail is saber-like, in a calm state it is lowered downwards.

The size

Collie, description

The growth of the male at the withers is from 56 to 61Centimeter. The growth of a bitch at the withers in the range from 51 to 56 centimeters. Weight of a male from 20 and a half kilograms to 29. Weight of a bitch from 18 to 25 kilograms.

There is also the so-called American typecollie. In America, dogs of this breed are more large in size, including a wider muzzle. It recognizes much more colors, there are even white collies with small spots of any color on the body and head.

American albino
US President Kelvin Coolidge had an absolutely white collie named Rob Roy.

In the short-haired collie, their standard appearedMuch later: in 1974. This dog has common ancestors with their "shaggy" brethren, so they are largely similar to them. FCI does not recognize a short-haired collie as a separate breed, so the only distinctive feature of the standard is a short, straight tight coat.

How to choose a collie puppy

If you have already decided that you only needCollie, then you need to determine the purpose of its acquisition. If you want to make a friend for the soul, then first of all you need to pay attention to the health and the character of the puppy.

If you have ambitious plans, and you are planning an exhibition career for your pet, then you should strictly evaluate the compliance with the standard for identifying the slightest blemish and examine the pedigree of the puppy's parents.

The main thing is health

In the first case, you can completely handle yourself. A healthy collie puppy for 8 weeks of life looks like this:

  • Flat back
  • Strong even paws
  • The muzzle is not narrow, but round
  • Long neck
  • Ears hang forward
  • The case has approximately a square format
  • Scissor bite
  • Developed fleece

Just pay attention to the conditions of detentionPuppies, as it is impossible to grow healthy offspring in cramped and dirty. Puppies at this age look plump and actively move, they do not have internal and external parasites.

The most expensive collie breed dog:
In 1904, when this breed thundered all over the world, the millionaire J.P. Morgan bought a collie champion of exhibitions in the US for as much as $ 10,000. At present, this is about $ 250,000.


Collie lives perfectly in an apartment if they are well andWalk for a long time every day. Despite the thick coat they perfectly tolerate the heat. Wool keeps the air under the fur and helps the dog to cool. The collie has few health problems. They are prone to joint dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy.

She should not be given medicine in any waySkin diseases called Evermectin. The collie has a very high sensitivity to this medicine. Collies love and instinctively seek to protect children.

It is important that people remember that a collie is a shepherd's dog. Many shepherd dogs have problems with playing catch-up games with biting. For this you need to follow.

Choose the character of the Scottish Shepherd


It is known that even littermen canEssentially differ from each other in nature. There are more shy puppies, more active, someone from childhood is incredulous about outsiders, and the other all around friends.

Of course, character formation largely depends onFrom the patience and perseverance of the future owner, but still many habits and habits are laid down already at the genetic level. There are a lot of methods and tests for choosing a puppy by character.

Specialists have determined that by the 49 days of lifeThe intelligence of the dog is already sufficiently developed in order to be able to determine its future abilities. Therefore, from this age, it is possible to carry out tests that result in the ability of the puppy to communicate with a person, follow it, dominate or obey. Already at this age you can determine the ability to train, and also find out whether your dog is afraid of heights and painfully react to every sound and touch, or before you a real Spartan, who is not easily frightened by anything.

Testing should be done in a calmSituation, before eating on the background of the impeccable health of the puppy. The tests for determining the character of the collie puppy are the same as for other breeds. Apply them in practice, and you will learn a lot about the nature of the proposed puppies.

Appreciate the appearance of the puppy

It is very desirable to look at both parentsPuppies, especially if you acquire a pet without a pedigree. Here it should be noted that collie-babies are not at all similar to adult dogs of this breed, so without a thorough knowledge of the standard, you can quite purchase a half-breed or even a puppy, which has the most distant relationship with a collie.

If you decide to buy a puppy for the exhibitionCareer and breeding, then it is better to bring along a specialist who knows the slightest nuances of this breed. He will help you choose the future champion. Another option is to find a nursery with an impeccable reputation. A real breeder will never deceive the future owners of his puppies, because he is interested in ensuring that the best puppies from his dogs get into exhibition hands and continue the glory of their parents.

If you are very serious about searchingProspective puppy, then you need to act purposefully: to study the history of the collie nurseries, to visit the exhibitions and there to look after the future owners for your dog, in advance to reserve the right to choose the first puppy in the litter.

How to care for a collie's wool

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at a collie -This is her chic wool. And immediately everyone has a question: probably, caring for her requires a lot of time and energy from the owner. This guess is not far from the truth. Of course, special attention is required for wool before exhibitions, but in everyday life it must be carefully taken care of. To do this, you need to purchase several combs: with small teeth and a standard brush for combing the wool.

Long hair should be combed, lifting it,To reach to the roots. Particular attention is paid to the areas behind the ears, chest, trousers and tail, where the most often formed koltuny. Better each day to give this procedure 15-20 minutes, than then cut out the clots of wool, which can not be combed.

Curative Coat Wool
Collie wool is unique in its properties,So it is actively used to create socks, hats, belts. Products made from collie wool do not just warm, but heal from illnesses and relieve pain and tension.

Basics of Feeding

You can feed the collies according to one of two schemes: Ready dry and wet food or own cooking. The first option is preferable to busy people, but you need to remember that then to translate the collie to another menu will not be easy.


Feeding your own mealsMany people perceive by ignorance, as a more economical option, because they think that waste from their own table will do this. But the menu of the collie needs to be thought through and prepared for it a full-fledged food from quality products. Waste from slaughterhouses and unrealized products from markets may present a serious danger.

Of course, each owner can find an acceptable option for himself, making it more economical, but at the same time a nutritious menu. To do this, useful knowledge of harmful and useful products for the collie.

List of useful products:

  • Boiled beef meat
  • liver
  • Boiled fish without bones, preferably sea
  • dairy
  • Eggs
  • cheese
  • Cereals
  • vegetables
  • seaweed
  • Herbal additives from medicinal plants
  • yeast

List of harmful products:

  • Raw river fish
  • Tubular bones
  • Raw pork and lard
  • peas
  • pearl barley
  • fried potatoes
  • sweets
  • Flour products

Guided by these lists, you can make a full menu of your dog, which must include vitamins.

Where to buy a collie puppy

Collies are now not so common on the streetsCities of our country, but this does not mean that the acquisition of a puppy of this breed is associated with serious problems. There are a lot of options where to buy a collie. Of course, the simplest answer to this question is to contact one of the nurseries, learn about the presence of puppies in it and talk with the breeders about the possibility of acquiring them. All known nurseries, the number of which is calculated in several dozen on the territory of our country, has its own sites, on which you will learn all the interesting details. You can also send a request to a foreign collie kennel.

Less famous representatives of the breed canAnd buy from non-professional breeders who just love a collie. This option is known to everyone as a dog for the soul, and it should not be discounted. After all, not all lovers of the collie want to participate in exhibitions, so they buy a puppy without a pedigree. Of course, there is a share of risk in this, and one must adhere to the rules for choosing a puppy.

How much does a collie puppy cost?

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

The price of a puppy depends largely on the purpose of your purchase. Collie without pedigree is From 6 000 to 10 000 rubles. Puppies from nurseries, as a rule, stand From 15 000 and more. Even in one litter, puppies often differ inPrice: someone sees a marriage according to the standard, which affects the price, the other, on the contrary, distinguished by a rare color or other obvious advantages, it means that it will be more expensive. Sitting without owners, puppies are also usually cheaper. There are also cases when a thoroughbred puppy is given for a nominal fee because he was bought, and the child has an allergy or other weighty reasons for an urgent resale.

In any case, remember that a collie tooTrustful and loving heart, to treat him only as a prestigious dog for exhibitions and sell in case of uselessness. Buy a collie when you are sure that you are ready to devote your dog a lot of time and give love and care.

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