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Dry food for Labrador puppies and adult dogs: отзывы, цена

Labrador, like many large dogs, it is very important to eat right up to 15 months of age, so you need to choose the best dry food.

During this period, such dogs become adults,They are growing rapidly and in many ways it is the diet that determines the final formation of a healthy and strong animal. The rapidly growing skeleton of Labrador in large volumes requires proteins and minerals, but the daily dose of calcium should be carefully calibrated.

Important Ingredients in Dry Food for Labrador Retrievers

This is possible only in the dry food of goodQuality. Such food supports and stimulates the growth of bones, as well as the right set of muscle mass. It carefully balanced the content of phosphorus, calcium and proteins.

Labrador in the diet also requires digestibleProteins and probiotics that support the digestive system and ensure the health of the intestinal microflora. The natural immunity of a large dog and especially a puppy is enhanced by mannooligosaccharides and a complex of antioxidants.

Beautiful thick Labrador hair needsSpecial care. And besides combing in the stern, unique fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 are needed. For the optimal care of hair and skin, such elements as zinc and copper are also important.

High-quality dry food is capable ofAdjust the weight of the Labrador and keep the mobility of his joints as long as possible. This permanently provides the dog's ability to work, as well as her good-natured sociable nature. Labradors need constant training and physical exertion.

This helps maintain the physical shape andIn time to get rid of excess weight, which gives an excessive load on the joints. However, if at some point in the life of the dog the active load is impossible (pregnancy in the dog, illness, old age), then it is necessary to select a special food for Labradors, which is balanced so that even without training the dog will not increase weight, but will get all the necessary substances .

The most popular manufacturers of dry feed for Labrador

Such a diet is in the brand Eukanuba. In it, for example, there is L-carnitine, which helps burn more fat even with minor loads. A special food for dogs of Labrador breed is also produced by other producers of dog food:

  • Royal canine,
  • Proplan,
  • Hills,
  • Propac,
  • Acana,
  • Dr.Alder's,
  • Genesis.

This is a high-quality feed, whichIt is necessary for a labrador for long-term activity and maintaining optimal weight. The cost of such feed ranges from 700 rubles per pack weighing 2.5 kg to 3000 rubles per bag weighing 12 kg.

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