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Italian dry dog ​​food

One of the most famous Italian brands is a super premium and premium food supporter from Nova Foods.

This feed line is designed forHypersensitive dogs with chronic diseases of the liver, pancreas, skin and food allergies. The series includes five dry feeds and five types of canned food. Beef does not fundamentally enter the feed. It includes:

  • Meat of turkey,
  • Ducks,
  • Lamb,
  • Sea fish,
  • Rice,
  • cabbage,
  • potatoes,
  • a pineapple.

Such ingredients do not cause allergic reactions and facilitate digestion.

Italian dog food from producer GHEDA PETFOOD

Another Italian leader in the production of feedFor dogs - the company GHEDA PETFOOD. Its know-how is associated with a serious study of the evolution of the dog as a species, its constitutional features and nutritional needs. As a result, high-quality feeds Proper Form & Temper superpremium were created.

Proper form feed

The daily feed line offers a full andA balanced diet for dogs of any age, size and activity level. The "Special Diet" line is designed for dogs who need a special feeding regimen during the treatment of diseases:

  1. Organs of digestion,
  2. Metabolism,
  3. Joints,
  4. Leather,
  5. With excess weight.

The Forza10 feed range (Forza 10) is one of theThe best in the world, specifically designed for animals that do not tolerate certain foods or suffer from food allergies. The reason for the majority of food pathologies in dogs is that feed developers consider the pharmacological residues in meat, which are obtained through intensive animal husbandry.

Dog food forza

Therefore, in Forza10 feed protein is only from selected meat of venison, lamb, game, wild boar and sea fish. It uses only natural preservatives: rosemary and vitamin E. All supplements are natural.

One of the new Italian products - Dado feedPremium class. It is made in one plant with such famous brands as Proplan, Hills, Purina. This feed has a very wide range of flavors. It has a duck, chicken, rabbit, lamb and tuna, and at least 15% of meat.

Thanks to the right combination of protein, food is easyDigested and easily eaten. And since the protein in the feed is clean (hydrolyzed), the food is hypoallergenic. It does not contain by-products and bones, as well as hormones, GMOs, artificial preservatives, flavors and colorants. Pellets have three sizes for different breeds of dogs.

Reviews of Italian dog food

Reference number 1

My York has an immunity to squirrel. In addition to this scourge, he also has a food allergy to certain fruits and wheat. I was just tortured picking his food and studying all the special lines. True, not everything is sold in our city.

Therefore, I was very happy when we hadDog food Fitness Trainer. First I bought a fish and potato sampler. And my dog ​​came up and liked it. He eats with great pleasure. We have been eating for three months without problems.

Veronika, Moscow

Review №3

My aging golden retriever is ill for three years. Brings his pancreas and therefore the appetite is bad, if something unsuitable is eaten - on the back is a rash. The veterinarian advised us to feed Forza 10.

We had to go to the capital for him, but it was worth it. Just bought three rations and all our dog liked. Now he is also pleased with his appetite, and with gold wool.

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