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Popular Canadian dog food, reviews on them

Canadian dog food is famous for its high quality. First of all thanks to the excellent products from which they are made.

One of the most famous and popular feeds -Acana. The peculiarity of this producer is that its food biologically corresponds to the organism of the dog. They are made only from Canadian and fresh products, suitable for human consumption.

In the meat diets of fodder Acana low levelCarbohydrates and a high level of proteins. Also on the menu there are always cereals, a variety of vegetables and fruits (at least 20%). The feed itself is steamed. In the composition of food there are always such useful products as:

Forage Forage

  • seaweed,
  • Apples,
  • currant,
  • sunflower,
  • alfalfa,
  • cranberry.

In addition, useful herbs such as milk thistle, psyllium, chicory, nettle, burdock, sea buckthorn, peppermint, and marigold flowers are added.

Canadian dog food Origen

No less known Canadian food ORIJEN (Oriigen). For its production, cheap ingredients of questionable utility are not used, but only fresh products that have not been frozen. The company uses local meat, recognized as fit for human consumption. Therefore, the feed does not contain preservatives and is saturated with valuable properties.

As part of these feeds there are no offal and cereals, which are poorly digested by the body of dogs. As for proteins and carbohydrates, the feed is goodBalanced. In addition, they are rich in vitamins. The food is made from fresh fish, meat (chicken, turkey), vegetables and fruits with the addition of meadow grasses.

In these grain-free fodder, the sensationally high amount of meat reaches 70%.

Dry rations 1-st Choice

Feed 1-st Choice

Another super premium food is 1st Choice(Festus Choise). It is made only from products of the highest quality and does not contain pork, beef, offal and soy. Such food has high digestibility and ideal mineral and nutrients.

Dog food for the 1st Choice (Fest Choice) containsOnly natural sources of vitamins and natural preservatives. And also special ingredients that make food not only nutritious, but also useful. In the assortment of the brand are presented as feed for everyday use, and for animals with special needs:

  • Sensitive stomach,
  • Skin,
  • Suffering from allergies,
  • Elderly people and the like.

One of the best Canadian forages - FirstMate

FirstMate feeds are created on the basis of originalFormulas for healthy eating. It was among them that the first grain-free fodder and a special diet (fish with potatoes) for allergic dogs for chicken protein and grain proteins appeared.

One of the healthiest rations of the line is"Hen with blueberry", containing valuable antioxidants. The basis of the feed is chicken or lamb meat, as well as Pacific fish. The company uses a unique treatment of products - vacuum impregnation with fats.

Reviews of Canadian dog food

Reference number 1

Our Toy Terrier has a rare and very unpleasantFor a dog allergy - for chicken protein. At the same time he can not fatty meat and even from other varieties he often indigestion and poor digestibility. Long we with it were excruciated, yet have not learned about grainless fodder.

We bought Origen and obviously did not lose. Finally you can relax and do not worry about feeding the dog. Of course, the food is expensive, but the toy-terrier does not need much, and the dog's health and our peace of mind are worth it.

Eugene, Krasnoyarsk

Reference number 2

I have long heard about a very good qualityCanadian fodder. They say that this is primarily due to the excellent quality of food in general. For my little dog, I took a test for Akanu for puppies of large breeds. The kid began to grow better, not to get fat, move more actively.

Vera, Moscow

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