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Dry food for German Shepherd puppy and adult dog: price

It is important to choose the right dry food for the German shepherd from the puppy's age.

In the first months the foundation of health inHer life, and the weight for 15 months increases by 70 times - this is a great test for the body. In dry food for German Shepherd puppies, there must be a significant amount of minerals and proteins with a precisely selected amount of calcium. This helps the correct formation of the dog's skeleton.

Composition of dry food for the German Shepherd

It is dry food that helps to avoid overloadingThe digestive system, but only if it is sufficiently concentrated. To translate the German sheepdog on dry food should be started from 4 weeks of age. This should be a high-quality feed specially designed for puppies of this breed.

Royal Cane for a German ShepherdSuch a feed contains rapidly digestible proteins andProbiotics, which reduce the load on the stomach. It promotes the harmonious development of the musculoskeletal system and bones, supports the protective functions of the skin, improves the quality of the wool. An adult German shepherd also needs high-quality feed.

For dogs of this breed, it is important to obtain proteinsDifferent origin and therefore, choosing food, you need to pay attention to the annotation. It should be indicated that the diet contains proteins of birds, mammals and fish. This may also sound like a "three-protein base" of the feed.

Such food is the most qualitative and suitable for the German Shepherd. Moreover, it is more economical. One serving of this food is equal to four servings of the economy class.

Best producers of dry food for the German Shepherd

It should be the rations of the highest quality, for example brands:

  • Royal Canin,
  • Nutro,
  • Hill's,
  • Purina ProPlan,
  • Akana,
  • Pro Pac,
  • Dr.Alder's,
  • Happy Dog,
  • Eukanuba,
  • Genesis.

They are not only well balanced and containMinerals, vitamins and all the necessary nutrients. Also, what is important for a German shepherd, in such feeds there is glucosamine and chondroitin. These substances are necessary for strengthening and correct formation of ligaments.

Because dry food for premium class dogsOf any brand contains the whole complex of vitamins necessary for the "German", it is not necessary to separately give mineral supplements. Their excess can be much worse on the body than the lack.


Cost of feed suitable for feedingGerman shepherd depends on the values ​​of packaging and special menus. So, a pack weighing 2.5 kg costs about 900-1200 rubles, and a bag of 13 kg can cost in the amount of 2500 to 3800 rubles.

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