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Feed for active dogs: producers, price, reviews

Dogs that have an active lifestyle should eat in a special way. For sports, hunting, hard work, the animal needs additional nutrients.

Their food should be a special wayBalanced, contain enough vitamins. When feeding such food, the dog should have enough energy, less tired and quickly restored. First of all, the feed of a sports dog should be rich in meat ingredients.

It must contain at least 50%Quality meat. This is 20% more than in normal food. Need an active dog and an increased level of calories, which also give animal fats, including fish oil. The increased level of fats and proteins in the forage of the active dog promotes a rapid replenishment of vital forces, as well as the rapid restoration of tissues.

Feed composition for active dogs

Most often in such feeds is usedDietary chicken meat, not burdening the body, as well as sea fish. At the same time, there should not be a lot of carbohydrates in the stern of the active dog, which aggravate the digestive organs. Therefore, high-quality products do not contain high-glycemic cereals, for example, corn and rice. Oats are often added.

In a specialized feedThe ratio of fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 is balanced. They not only heal the skin and make beautiful hair, but also reduce the frequency of inflammatory reactions in the animal's body. In the feed for sports dogs should contain a high-quality antioxidant complex, which protects the body from stress.

And the animal during sports, onHunting or in responsible service, in harness, is most strongly affected by stress. Necessary in the diet of dog athletes and such valuable substances as chondroitin and glucosamine, which quickly restore strained joints. A balanced amount of phosphorus, calcium, protein and vitamin D is provided to the animal:

  1. Strong bones,
  2. Good muscle tone,
  3. healthy teeth.

The most famous manufacturers of feed for active dogs

Such feeds are easy to distinguish, manufacturers often label them as Sport or Activ, as well as Agility. They are produced by many companies specializing in dog food:

  • Acana,
  • Eucanuba,
  • Astor Energy,
  • NUTRAM Active Dog,
  • Purina,
  • Royal canine,
  • Hills,
  • Propak.

The cost of feed for active dogs ranges from 160 to 200 rubles per pack weighing 300-400 grams to 4500 for a bag weighing 18 kg.

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