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Dry food for yorkshire, yorkshire terrier

Today, there are many brands of dry food for all sizes and breeds of dogs. Including for such a small, and often capricious dog as a york.

This breed needs a careful selection of the diet. First of all, york can only be fed with premium quality food or super premium class. They are not only properly balanced, but also much more tasty, which is important for a fastidious dog.

However, like all dogs of small breeds smallThe volume of olfactory mucous Yorki reduces their sensitivity to smells, including food. The adult Yorkshire terrier is different from all other dogs in a number of parameters.

Royal Royal Cane

And so its food should be adapted toIts special needs. Yorkshire terriers are not uncommon - diseases of the oral cavity and, first of all, the formation of tartar. However, these problems can be avoided by selecting the correct feed.

Requirements for dry food for Yorkies

  • First, it should be dry food, which does not need to be soaked, so that the dog bites and chews, getting rid of the plaque on the teeth.
  • Secondly, croquettes for Yorkers should have a special form to chew faster and more actively, were convenient for seizure.

Yorkshire Terrier is silky,Long and shiny hair. To preserve the quality of the wool and the health of the skin, only properly balanced food, which contains important elements and vitamins, can be preserved. Yorkies live on average up to 15 years, but they are strongly exposed to the effects of aging.

Dry food for the Yorkshire Terrier Eukanuba

This becomes apparent by changes in the state of hair and skin, the weakening of the kidneys and heart, and even in the development of arthrosis in the dog. Only special food and feed, designed specifically for yorkov, can slow aging.

The diet of york should consist of meat on50%, 20% of vegetables and 20% of fish, the remaining 10% should be grains, lactic products and eggs. It is these foods that are offered to companies that produce special food for these small dogs.

The most popular brands of dry food for Yorkies

The leading manufacturers of this kind of food for yorks Yorkshire Terrier are:

  • Pro plan,
  • Pro Pac,
  • Eukanuba,
  • Hill's,
  • Happy Dog,
  • Acana.

In the feed for puppies yorkov must containMicroelements and specific substances for the rapid collection of bone and muscle mass - calcium, phytin, etc., are also specific features of different feeds for Yorkies.

So in the feeds of ROYAL CANIN substances are introduced,Which enhance the natural color of the coat. Feed Pro plan strengthens the immune system, Acana improves digestion, and Hill's feed line provides substances useful for animals prone to fatness. The cost of quality dry food for Yorkers ranges from 100 rubles (for 500 grams) to 3000 rubles (for 12 kg).

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