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Dry food for chihuahua

One of the big problems of small dogs is tartar. He creates to kids much more anxiety than to large dogs.

Therefore, the feeding of granules of dry food helps in time to clean plaque on the teeth of chihuahua, without leading to the formation of plaque and inflammation of the gums. It is important only to choose a specialized dry food for chihuahua, in which the granules have the size most acceptable for the small mouth of dogs of this breed.

In this case, puppies before the change of teeth is betterPellets to soak hot or warm water. But at the beginning of the change of teeth, the feed should be given dry, so that the baby's teeth will fall out. In order not to overfeed a small dog, it is necessary to strictly follow the norms of food intake from the calculation of age, weight and activity.

Composition of dry food for Chihuahua

Dry food for Chihuahua Orien

In addition, dry food should be highQuality, so as not to risk the health of a tiny pet. Chihuahua is often very fastidious in eating and if they do not like the taste or smell, they can easily abandon the feed. (For more information on feeding chihuahua read - here) Because specialized feed for dogs of this breed have natural flavors, attractive to these dogs.

Special formulas are also used thatHelp to form the protective functions of the body. Chihuahua needs to strengthen immune protection, for which many antioxidants with synergistic action are used in many feeds:

  • Taurine,
  • Yutein,
  • Vitamins E and C.

The production of antibodies stimulatesMannooligosaccharides. To ensure the balance of intestinal microflora and optimal digestibility, the food is enriched with fructooligosaccharides. It also helps to loosen the stool odor.

The main producers of dry food for chihuahua, the price

Dry food for Chihuahua Canidae

Some of the highest quality natural feeds for chihuahua are offered by brands:

There are quite a few well-known manufacturers of high-quality natural dry food especially for Chihuahua. You can choose the diet that is most suitable for each particular dog. It is important only to remember that choosing one of them, it is necessary to adhere to it for a long time.

Since the canine stomach produces enzymes,Helping to digest this food well. For a good digestion of the feed of another manufacturer, you may need completely different enzymes. Therefore, it is not recommended to change feed frequently.

  • Canidae,
  • Orijen,
  • Eagle Pack.

They do not have grain crops. Not less quality and feed brands such as Royal Canin, Hill's. The cost of such feed ranges from 150 rubles (500 grams) to 3000 rubles (for 12 kg).

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