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Than you can not feed the dog, that you can not give

It is very important to know what you can not feed the dog, since any veterinarian will tell you that the wrong diet may well lead to the death of the pet ... So what can not be given to the dog?

It is important that damage to the animal can not onlyA radical change in diet or a new menu. Sometimes the sad consequences result in a single piece of toasted meat. Or chocolate candy. Or a fresh avakado. In general, the food is from the master's table.

Why not feed the dog all the food that people eat?

The fact is that animals and humans have different systemsDigestion. And the fact that for a person - yummy, for an animal - albeit a delicious, but dangerous poison. And, some products poison the pet at once, and others it can eat a long time. But it's better not to take chances. So it's better to once and for all exclude from the menu a four-legged friend?

Products that are harmful to humans:

  • alcohol,
  • tobacco,
  • hop

- all this has a detrimental effect on the owner and hisThe pet. And, if the animal is small, alcoholic intoxication can occur even from a small piece of meat cooked in a wine sauce. A tobacco smoke, accumulated in the room, can cause the dog difficulty breathing, tearing eyes, nasal discharge.

Meat products

Let's start with the fact that ready-made meat products, toUnfortunately, not always have the proper quality. Spoiled meat should not be used by anyone - neither the animal, nor the owner. Do not give pets excessively salty, peppery or smoked meat products. In particular - if smoked meat was cooked using seasoning "Liquid smoke".

Than you can not feed the dog?As for natural meat, then with it you need to be careful. Do not feed the dog only with pork, or solely with liver, or strictly chicken. And a person will get sick and get sick if he is forced to eat the same thing every day. In addition, the meat should be properly cooked.

Raw can be infected with parasites, and onlyThermal treatment of the product protects the pet from poisoning. The same goes for fish. Keep in mind: despite the fact that they show in cartoons, the bones are in no way food. Neither for a dog, nor for a cat. Moreover, small fish or chicken bones scratch the sky and throat.

And if the unfortunate animal is still a boneSwallowed, then in addition to indigestion, you can be wary and rupture of the esophagus. Internal bleeding often leads to death ... Similarly, pork and beef bones behave. From them, after all, it's so fun to chew on small pieces!


Vegetables are always associated with a healthy diet. But not for predators. Do not give dogs:

  • Potatoes (crude poisonous, and cooked useless),
  • rhubarb,
  • Beans,
  • onion and garlic.

You can not give avakado. Moreover, both pulp and bone are equally unsafe.


The dog laid eyes on a sprig of grapes or begged for raisins? Save your pet! Both have a very bad effect on kidney function in animals. Do not give the dog seeds from fruit:

  • Apples,
  • Pears,
  • Persimmons,
  • Peaches,
  • Discharge.

In order not to provoke vomiting in dogs, it is necessary to keep citrus fruits away from them, as well as kiwi and pineapples.

Flour products

Flatulence or bloating in the dog,Indigestion, colic, cracks in the intestine and bleeding - that's what is fraught with a vicious addiction to a bred animal. By the way, cats and dogs with such an "original" gastronomic passion are many: be careful.

Why dogs can not give sweet: chocolate, marmalade ...

What makes people happy when they are sad? There are many options, but most often we are talking about sweets. Alas, many owners believe that it is not uncommon for a pet to sometimes taste such delicacies. This is a dangerous delusion! Chocolate is toxic to the heart and nervous system. One tile can kill an adult dog!

The same threat to animals is a strongtea and coffee. So tasty and easy yeast baking causes in the brethren of our smaller bloating and colic. Sugar provokes rapid obesity in dogs, diabetes and destroys teeth. And his substitute xylitol is a little better. From it, pets develop vomiting, diarrhea and liver disease.

What else can not feed the dog?

  • Milk and dairy products,
  • Mushrooms,
  • Nuts,
  • Eggs
  • spice.

You can not feed animals with humanVitamins and biologically active additives. And, of course, in any case, do not even feed stray dogs to spoiled food. Together with saturation, she will bring them flour, and the veterinarian will not be near ...

And finally, watch the video, where the experts tell in detail what you can not give to dogs and why:

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