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Canned food for premium dogs: price, reviews

Canned feed is better perceived by animals than dry, due to its consistency. Now canned products are sold in the form of pieces of meat in gravy or jelly, in the form of pates.

For their manufacture manufacturers use various technologies, for example, autoclaving or sterile packaging of the finished product.

The composition of canned food for premium dogs

Premium canned meat for dogs in their composition contain 70-80% moisture. Due to this, the need of animals in the liquid is compensated, which is very important for dogs that actively work physically, for example, driving or hunting.

Also in the composition of canned premium class is necessarily:

  • meat,
  • Offal,
  • Fats
  • Oil,
  • cereals.

Such canned food is well absorbedCanine organism and even beneficial to health. Modern technologies of production of such products and their packaging allow preserving all the necessary microelements, vitamins and nutrients.

Canned food for premium class dogs

At the same time, the development in canned food reduces to zeroPathogenic microorganisms. Canned food can be combined with the same quality dry food, which will make it possible for the pet to make the most healthy diet. In addition, it is better to take canned food for dogs when traveling with a pet or an exhibition, as they do not cause gas generation and thirst.

The most popular brand of canned food for premium dogs

Canned premium class is a wonderful substituteFresh meat in the dog diet. However, choosing a specific brand of canned food for your pet, you must additionally consider a variety of factors. First of all, this is the age of the dog, the state of its health, lifestyle and other characteristics. T

Ak, young active dogs are often veterinariansAdvise canned Bosch, adult animals - "Gimborn ShinyDog" with beef and tuna, and dogs with kidney diseases are especially well suited for "Hill's PD k / d". The best quality canned food produces brands:

  • Royal Canin,
  • Belcando,
  • Dr. Alders,
  • Merrick,
  • Hills,
  • Schesir,
  • Poilux,
  • Yarrah,
  • Animonda,
  • EdelDog,
  • Happy Dog,
  • Gimborn,
  • Oscar,
  • Twins,
  • Eksi.

Canned feed can be everyday or delicious. There are fewer cereals in the delicacy, but more offal.

The price of canned food for premium dogs

The cost of canned premium dog foodDepends on the company of the manufacturer and the composition, its special purpose. Delicacies are worth a little more expensive than those that are designed for daily meals. A can of canned food costs from 50 to 120 rubles. You can save by buying packages of 12 cans, which cost from 500 to 1300 rubles.

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