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Russian dog food: brands, price, reviews

In Russia, more and more dry food for dogs is produced. On the shelves you can already find several of their species, intended for animals of different ages.

The most qualitative position for dog foodStout - superpremium class, which is produced at JSC "Gatchina Feed Mill". It includes meat (beef or chicken) and its processing products, high-quality sources of carbohydrates (rice, sugar beet pulp, corn), egg powder, vegetable oil, minerals and vitamins.

Composition, and the price of the most famous Russian dog food

In dog food of large breeds addedGlucosamine, and for puppies - essential amino acids - methionine and lysine. Under the trademark "Stout" four recipes for dog food are now being produced: for puppies, adult dogs of large breeds, adult dogs of medium and small breeds and aging dogs.

Any feed does not contain artificialDyes, hazardous to health and genetically modified ingredients. Food can be bought from 70 rubles per pack of 500 grams and up to 1900 rubles for a 15-kilogram bag.

Food for dogs Our brandDry feed premium class "Our Brand" alsoIs produced in a factory in the city of Gatchina. It has long been appreciated by both ordinary dog ​​owners and breeders. Now under the trademark "Our Brand", 5 types of dog food are produced: for puppies, for adult dogs of medium and small breeds, for adult dogs of large breeds and for dogs older than 7 years.

The recipes for dry feed "Our Brand" completelyBalanced for the daily feeding of pets. They comply with the rules for creating premium feeds: palatability and digestibility, nutritional level and do not contain genetically modified ingredients.

As animal proteins in dog food"Our Mark" uses poultry meat, as a source of carbohydrates - corn gluten with the addition of rice. The cost of feed from 50 rubles per pack of 500 grams to 12,500 rubles per bag in 15 kg.

Recently, dry food "Terrapes" appeared on the market, which is also produced at ZAO Gatchina Feed Mill. This is a full-fat feed for adult dogs only.

Suitable for working and sports dogs. It includes meat and animal products, cereals, wheat bran, sugar beet pulp, sunflower oil, vitamins, mineral supplements, antioxidant. The price of food from 220 rubles per pack of 2.4 kg and up to 1100 rubles for a bag of 12 kg.

For a long time dog breeders have known dry dog ​​foodMeal, which belongs to the category of premium class. Now it is presented in three variations: "premium", "regular" and "economy". They differ not only in price but also in the degree of saturation of food.

So, the variant of the economy is saturated with soy and cereals, andFeed premium class - meat components, vegetables and eggs. This is one of the cheapest Russian feeds. A pack weighing 13 kg is sold at a price of 670 to 940 rubles, depending on the category of feed.

Reviews of Russian dog food

Reference number 1

In "Our Mark" I liked the presence of all the necessary microelements and vitamins. An attractive price and the size of the pellets is suitable for the breed on which the feed is calculated.

In principle, it is positioned as a premium foodClass, but I would have bravely given it and a super premium class. I really liked that the food for large dogs contains glucosamine, so necessary for bones and joints. And for my Labrador it's very important.

Valeria, Moscow

Reference number 2

Our German Shepherd's Mouse is a long timePicked up food, probably, they went through the entire Russian assortment. About the "meal" you can safely say that in it the price corresponds to the quality. Took on the sample a small bag. But our guy, far from fastidious, hardly ate, apparently out of politeness. But for the second time already refused flatly.

Actually, I agree with him, because it is difficult to assume that you can put in a bag weighing 15 kg for only 700 rubles. And it's already with the store price mark-up!

Meat in such a feed simply can not be. I think this is a food for the humane straying of stray dogs.

Eugene, Novosibirsk

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