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Breed Italian levretka: description, photo, video, price of puppies

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The levretka is now a decorative breed, although its official name is a small Italian greyhound, talking about the hunting past.

This is a very ancient breed, which was known inAncient Egypt, then in Greece, and in the 5th century BC it came to Italy, that is, at that time it was Ancient Rome. In the time of the Italian Renaissance, it became especially popular, everywhere accompanying aristocrats.

Italian Greyhound

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The word "levretka" comes from the French"Liеvre", which translates as "hare". And the noble ladies not only wore this graceful creature on their hands and laid them to their bed. At leisure, they entertained the persecution of rabbits.

Later, the breeding of the levreets went on the wayMiniaturization and this weakened their vitality, and the breed began to degenerate. They revived the breed after the Second World War. The most famous in Europe is the German breeding of levreets.
In fact, this is a sport breed that has preserved the hunting spirit through the centuries, the ability to develop an excellent speed and a particularly subtle flair, unique among the greyhounds.

Appearance, size

Italian Greyhound

This miniature, very harmonious in composition and elegant in motion, the dog. Height at the withers does not exceed 38 cm, and by weight there are two types of levretoks: up to 3.5 kg and from 3.5 to 5 kg.

Her long head to the dark nose of the nose graduallyIs narrowed. The muzzle is very thin, the eyes are slightly convex, large. The ears are high-placed, in a calm state they are tightened back, however, when excited, they rise upwards.

The body is thin, graceful, the chest is high, narrow. The tail is thin and set low and always lowered or pinched.

The color of the greyhounds can be varied: sand, white, black, gray-blue, reddish all shades.
Unlike many other dogs, the puppy of the LionretteAlmost does not look like an adult representative of the breed, so choose a thoroughbred dog, having met with her parents and preferably accompanied by an experienced breed expert.


Lefties are friendly and moderately mobile animals, with an innate sense of tact. Due to such qualities they become ideal pets for different people.
This energetic dog with pleasure will makeCompany to an active person, will become an excellent partner in sports games. Their fragile physique only makes such an impression. In fact, the levreets are very strong and hardy. In Italy and Scandinavia and today in the hunt for rabbits use specially trained levretok.
Thanks to amazing delicacy and sensitivity, this dog is suitable for an elderly person as a pet. She is unobtrusive in games and will be able to adjust to the mood of the owner.

To educate a greyhound is necessary from the very appearancePuppy in the house. She should not be allowed any pranks, otherwise a small family tyrant will grow up. However, any punishment must be adequate and fair. If the dog does not understand what it is being punished for, the master's authority in her eyes will be shaken.

To train a dog it is necessary persistently, with demonstration of strong character.

Care and maintenance

Italian Greyhound

Leverette needs constant movement and long walks. She accompanies the owner with great pleasure everywhere, therefore it can be safely taken in any way and even on a visit.

Care for the greyhound is quite simple. Wool must be regularly cleaned with a special mitten. It is also necessary to periodically wipe her ears and eyes. During the moult, the body of the dog should be wiped with a towel with a hard towel.

In swimming, especially the greyhound does not need, because you need to do this only as necessary and at the same time it is better to use quality "dog" shampoos with moisturizing.

In dirty weather, only the belly and paws are better to wash.

Leverette can be trained to send their needs to the cat pallet. However, this should not exclude walks, as the dog needs increased activity.

This breed is found only in the house. It is not adapted for outdoor maintenance, especially in the Russian climate. Therefore, in the cold season, it should be worn in clothes that should not impede movement. It is better not to wear a dog at home, because moderate hardening will significantly improve the quality of its fur and immunity.


If the owner provides the dog with sufficient physical exertion, the lioness can live up to 15 years. In general, they are very healthy dogs, although there are diseases, most often inherent in this breed.

Because of the convex eyes, levretoks are not uncommon in glaucoma, juvenile cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, corneal dystrophy of the eye.

Quite often these dogs have epilepsy and cryptorchidism. In connection with very dry skin, color mutation alopecia and alopecia are possible.

Price of the puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

In the litters litter, as a rule, only 2-4 puppies are born, because this is a rare and rather expensive breed.

Disqualified puppies that do not go for exhibitions and breeding are sold From 350 dollars. Puppies of elite parents with good exhibition prospects or the possibility of breeding are sold for the price of order 1000 dollars.

Photo of the Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound Leverette Italian Greyhound Italian Greyhound Italian Greyhound Italian Greyhound Italian Greyhound Leverette Leverka (a small Italian greyhound) Leverette Leverka (a small Italian greyhound) Leverette Leverette
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