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Dry food for elderly dogs: species, price

Elderly dogs are considered to be in the last third of the average life span for a given breed. Different breeds have different ages.

So, if the males live on average 9 years, then alreadyA six-year old dog is considered elderly. Older poodle can be called from the age of 10 years, because he can live up to 15 years. In venerable age the dog needs a special diet.

Dry food for elderly dogs ProPlan

  • In her body, various physiological changes begin to occur, so you need to seriously think about a new diet.
  • With age, often dogs become prone to obesity or, conversely, loss of muscle mass.
  • They wear out and drop out their teeth, often the gums are inflamed.
  • The dog becomes less active, it needs more rest, there are diseases of internal organs and joints.

Composition of dry food for elderly dogs

Older dogs need a special balanced diet with a reduced amount of calories, fats and proteins and an increased amount of carbohydrates. Therefore, dry feeds for elderly dogs contain no more than 18% protein, and for dogs with kidney diseases, even less. Such a diet lowers the workload on the kidneys.

It is important for older dogs to feed and reduceFat, therefore in such diets contains about 8-12% of fats. As aging dogs are prone to constipation, there must be more fiber in their feed, for which wheat bran is added to special rations.

Also in older dogs, special needs forMinerals and vitamins. Many aging dogs suffer from arthritis and they need a food containing chondroitin and glucosamine. These elements prevent the destruction of joints. Special premium and super premium food already contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

In order to make it easier for the dog to chew food,It is soaked with water or kefir. Also, dry food can be mixed with canned food of the same brand and also designed for aging dogs. This is especially true for dogs that lose their appetite and, therefore, weight.

Dry food for elderly dogs Hills

The most popular brands of feed for older dogs

Special foods for older dogs are produced by many companies. The most popular products for aging dogs of different breeds and sizes from such brands as:

  • Pro Plan,
  • Hill's,
  • Eukanuba,
  • Acana,
  • Bosch,
  • Happy Dog,
  • Nutra Gold Holistic,
  • Orijen,
  • Pro Pac,
  • Pronature,
  • Royal Canin.

Prices for such feed range from 800 rubles (per pack of 2.5 kg) to 4000 rubles per bag in 15 kg.

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