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Training the team Forward. Exercise for a dog

This exercise should be started after the dog has learned to walk without a leash and execute the command "To lie!", Given from a distance.

The goal is to make the dog run ahead of you onTeam "Forward!". First of all, it is necessary to find a platform with a length of at least 70-80 meters. After taking with you a favorite toy of a dog, we will conduct it without a lead on a straight line almost to the very end of the site.

Staying at a distance of 5-6 meters from the borderGrounds, make the dog sit down, show her the toy, give us the "Place!" And we will move to the other end of the site. In this case, the dog must see the toy. You can put it, for example on a bench. Turn to the dog and tell her "Forward!", Indicating the direction of the hand. The dog, of course, rush forward to get a toy.

After a few sessions, try right afterHow the dog will run to the toy, tell her to "lie!" In the future, we will vary the place, time and distance, so that by the command "Forward!" The dog rushes forward and runs until we tell her to "lie!" A few Lessons will begin without a toy. We will not focus on it.

However, at the conclusion of the exerciseGive the toy to the dog as a promotion. If your dog does not like to play and the ball or other toys are not sufficient stimulus for it, the same results can be achieved using a treat or pieces of meat.

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