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Training of the team Lying

A lying position is normal for a dog when it rests. It is important to teach her to lie not in an arbitrary relaxed pose, but in the pose of the Sphinx.

There are several ways how to teach the dog to the team to Lie. The initial position of the dog is sedentary. The way we recommend is to gently take the dog by the front paws without using force to pull them forward so that the dog assumes a reclining position.

Another way to breed dogs with an independentCharacter, not loving, when they are touched, is to push the leash under the dog's paws, to force her to lower her head in this way. Before you give the dog the desired position, you must give the command to Lie! If the dog reclines on its side or takes a relaxed pose, we will return it with our hands to the desired position, talking to it in a requesting tone. And pat her as soon as she takes the pose of the sphinx. Both teams Sitting! And Lie! Can be given from afar.

Let's start with a distance of one or two steps, and graduallyWe will increase it. Once the dog has fully mastered the value of the Lying! Command, let's start combining it with the Place command, which she already knows. After giving her the command to stay in place, we will start to move away. It is necessary to follow the principle of gradualness. Initially, the distance should not exceed 4-5 steps. But in the end it should be 40 steps or more.

If the dog tries to follow us, we willHer team, "Fu, Place!" And return to the desired position in a couple of steps behind the place where it was previously. Due to this, the dog will understand that getting up, she achieves the opposite result, that is, does not approach the master, but moves away from him. During the first lessons, we will stop facing the dog to monitor each movement. Then we start to stop with our backs to the dog, but turn our face to her side.

Finally, we completely stop turning around. Good results can be achieved no earlier than 15-20 days after the start of the exercises. It is advisable, however, not to load the dog strongly by this exercise in one day, so as not to turn it into coercion.

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