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Appportation, training of the Athport team

The success of your dog in an exercise such as apportionment will depend on her natural abilities and the characteristics of her breed.

For a hunting dog, for example, apportioning -This is an exciting game, which she almost instinctively works, whereas the German Shepherd will initially be perplexed and only after long exercises will she understand what she wants.

In general, all breeds of dogs are divided into two mainCategories: those who like to play and those who do not like it. To begin with, you need to teach the dog to grab the apportioned object, drawing attention to it in various ways, throwing it forward, bringing it to the nose of the dog and again removing it, rolling it on the ground and so on. In the process of this game, let the dog command "Aport!" Whenever the object is in her mouth. If the dog starts grabbing an object with apparent pleasure, the goal of the game is achieved.

Now it remains to train her to throw herselfFor the subject only on your team, holding her by the collar, if she tries to rush forward ahead of time. When the dog grabs the object, tell her to sit in front of you. This team already knows. And then, with the help of the command "Give!" Make me release the burden from my teeth. To get this command from her, stroke her, then say "Give!" And put your hand to her face, as if inviting the dog to open its mouth. Do not require the dog to completely give you the object.

Trying to wrest it from the mouth, you can callHer sense of ownership, and she will tighten her teeth even more tightly. If she does not want to give it to you, show her the second thing that should be with you and let her know that just how much she will give you the old thing will start the game with the new one. If the dog does not know how or does not like to play, the exercise will be more difficult. In this case, you can try rubbing the apparel with meat so that the dog has the incentive to grab it, if not for pleasure, then at least out of greed.

As soon as the dog grabs the object, call her,Command - "Give!" And give her in return a real piece of meat, letting her know that a well-executed exercise entails a specific reward. Teaching a dog to be apportioned, especially if it is not inclined to this kind of exercises can take quite a long time. Therefore, you need to be patient and methodically continue your studies, in no case do not stop half way.

If you notice that your dog is positiveReacts to any stimulus not envisaged by the training manual, use it quietly, developing your own method. It is important that the dog has to import objects with pleasure. If this tires her or associates with something unpleasant, your work will go wrong, since it is impossible to force a dog to aporect an object if it does not want it.

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