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How to teach a dog to the Dai team!

The command "Give!" Refers to additional commands. But you do not need to give up teaching this skill, in the future the ability of a dog to give you objects is always useful.

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For example, a dog will take the item you need andWill run with him, not wanting to give it away, or pick up an object harmful to her on the street. In addition, training the "Give!" Team develops the mental abilities of the dog. There are cases when the dog memorized many names of objects, for example, at the command "Give the ball!" Brought the ball, and on command "Give a stick!" Brought a stick.

The most common option for applicationCommand "Give!" - when the animal trainer takes an object of import from the dog. Everyone knows how dogs like to run after a stick at the command "Aport!", But they do not rush to give this object, wanting to play with it and run around the owner.

A dog who does not know the command "Give!", It is simply impossible to pick up the item of the aportation, at best, she throws it to the ground at the master's feet, when she loses interest to him, and at worst - runs away with him and throws away in the distance. Then the master has to go for this thing himself.

To train the team "Give!" There are two ways: soft and hard.

The first way to train a dog "Give!"

How to teach the dog to the Dai teamThe most acceptable is the first method, the basisWhose promotion of the dog. The trainer calls the dog command "To me!" When she comes up, gives the command "Give!" And shows a treat. The hand should be kept close to the mouth of the dog, so that at the moment when it will open the jaws, immediately take the object that it brought.

Otherwise, the object falls, and the dogGet used to the command "Give!" Just spit the object on the ground, and not give in the hands of the owner. After the trainer takes the object from the dog, he gives her a treat. This method can be called as "exchange for a treat", it is based on the dog's natural instinct to get something edible instead of an inedible object.

But if your dog likes to pick up on the streetVarious, in her opinion, very tasty edible scraps, this team will not help here, because the dog will not give the food. There is already another team "Fu!" Working here and training not to take food from the ground.

The second way to teach a dog the "Give!"

How to teach the dog to the Dai teamA hard way to teach the team "Give!"Is simply to take away the object, which is trapped in the dog's mouth. To do this, on the command "Give!" The trainer unclenches the mouth, taking the object from her. The dog at the same time experiences unpleasant sensations, and in the future it will itself give the object, knowing that it will still be taken away by force.

This method is based on coercion, and heFar fewer supporters. But still, sometimes it works only when the dog does not react to the delicacy or it is too playful and excited and does not want to give the object. The command "Give!" Is easiest to teach in pairs with the command "Aport!". The dog regards this as a game, and it is faster and easier to contact the trainer.

Before the training, the dog must already haveKnow the command "To me!" Or she simply will not approach the trainer, sporting the object of the assignment in the distance. For one lesson, repeat the exercise with the command "Give!" No more than 5 times, and if this is a small puppy, it will suffice two or three times.

It is better to return to learning more often, for example, 3-4Once a day, but each course should be short. As a rule, dogs quickly master the command "Give!" And begin to give the brought object without any delicacy or coercion. Subsequently, bringing the object of the apportion, the dog gives it even without the additional command of a trainer.

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