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How to teach a dog a team of strangers?

The team "Alien!"Is necessary for any dog ​​primarily to ensure its own safety. The fact is that many dogs are by nature very trustful and do not understand that strangers can harm them: take them away with them from their host, poison, frighten or strike.

How to teach a dog the team "Alien!"Some dog breeders do not see significantThe difference between the teams "Alien!" And "Fas!". In fact, these two teams are very different. At the command "Fas!" The dog shows obvious aggression, it rushes at the person, bites it and makes a seizure.

The team "Alien!" Gives a signal that there is a stranger in front of her or somewhere near her, from which one can expect bad actions. This command as if warns the dog of danger. Some dogs are taught to give voice at this command, others can just growl, and still others, on the contrary, should study the situation silently.

The reaction of the dog to the team "Alien!"Depends on the wishes of the owner. But still you should not train the dog so that on this team she rushed to the man. At the command "Alien!" The dog should protect not only the owner and his property, but himself. This is especially important for those dogs that are willing to make contact with strangers and thus endanger themselves.

Before starting the training, the dog should already understandSuch teams as "Fu!" And "To me!". It is desirable to teach puppies and young dogs, because when the dog is already grown up, its stereotypes and attitude towards strangers are difficult to change. For training you will need:

  • assistant;
  • Stick or rod;
  • The leash.

Algorithm for teaching the dog to the team "Alien!"

How to teach a dog the team "Alien!"Tie a dog or hold it on a leash.

  1. Ask the assistant to approach you, waving his hand, which has a stick.
  2. When the assistant appears in the field of visibility, start repeating the command "Alien!" In a jerky tone. In so doing, direct the attention of the dog to a stranger.
  3. The helper should approach you and behave aggressively, swing a stick at the dog and its master, speak loudly and perform other actions in which the malevolence is clearly visible.
  4. Repeat the command "Alien!". If the dog begins to growl and give a voice, encourage it by stroking and praising. Delicacy in this case it is better not to give, because in such an environment it will relax and distract the dog, not to mention the fact that it can choke. Some dogs are not able to eat in such a stressful situation.
  5. If the dog at the sight of an aggressive person,Waving a stick, on the contrary, frightened, whines and falls on his back or on his paws, then he will have to apply another method. He is more rigid, but the dog will understand that strangers can not be trusted. The assistant comes behind and pinches the dog behind the fold of the skin near the hind paw.

Do not forget that you need helpersAttract a man unfamiliar to the dog. If he knows her, or she sees that you are friendly with him before starting the training, then she will not understand what is required of her. When training, in no case can not go too far and scare the dog too much.

Remember that your task is to teach the dog toAlertness, and not to the fact that she was afraid of all the surrounding people. Also, the team "Alien!" Will be needed when strangers come to your house. The dog should not throw on them neither with aggression, nor with caresses, so the team "Alien!" Will just work out the correct behavior of the dog.

Ask a stranger to knock loudly atDoor, you can even make him rustle outside the door, while saying the command "Alien!". When the dog reacts with a growl or bark, encourage it. The person behind the door should be unfamiliar, remember that dogs have a highly developed sense of smell, they can feel the familiar smell and will happily wag the tail instead of manifesting aggression.

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