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Team To me !: training, training

You do not let the dog off the leash, becauseAre afraid not to catch a pet when it's time to go home? To walk became comfortable for you and for your pet, teach him to approach you on the first command "To me!" It's not difficult!

What do you need to teach the dog the command "To me!"?

Long leash (about 5 meters), but in no wayThe case is not roulette. Ideal option - inexpensive canvas or nylon leash, which is easy to clean and quickly dries. When working out the team, ammunition will often lie on the ground, so it will inevitably get dirty.

What do you need to teach the dog the command "To me!"?

Strong collar of the right size from anyMaterial. You can also use a jerky chain. But if your dog is too wiry, it is clever to get your head out of the collar and at the same time never walked on the street without a leash, it's better not to risk and to train to choose a leather collar that snaps securely and snugly sits around your neck.

A treat that a pet likes. Suitable dry food or sliced ​​into small pieces of cheese, sausage, sausage.

Favorite toy. It is not necessary to take expensive balls. Many dogs willingly play with chopsticks found on the street.

Patience. Not all dogs quickly master this team. Often the dog understands what is required of him, but at first he is distracted, shows obstinacy and simply does not want to approach the owner, because he likes, for example, sniffing the territory and enjoying freedom.

Place for team learning

At home most dogs listen to their hosts andApproach them on demand. But on the street, some pets are too keen on external stimuli and pretend that they just do not hear their owner.

Team To me !: training, training

Therefore, accustom the dog to the firstTeam "To me!" Is better on the street. But keep in mind that this should be a quiet and crowded place, where cars do not drive near, children do not play, there are no other animals. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the dog to concentrate on the learning process. And no matter how clever he was, you will not succeed.

How to train?

Technically, this skill is easy to develop. Take the dog on a long leash, let her walk away from you for 2-3 meters, and then draw the dog's attention with a delicacy and / or a toy and confidently command "To me!"

As soon as the pet runs to you - praise himThe word "Good", uttered with affectionate and joyful intonation, stroke and give a toy or a treat. Then let the dog play. Repeat this exercise 2-3 times. And then increase the distance between yourself and the pet and again in the same way work out the team.

If neither the dainty nor the toy is of interestDog, make a jerk leash towards you and as soon as the dog starts to go to you, praise him and again say "To me!" With benevolent intonation, so that the pet realizes that he is moving in the right direction. When the dog approaches you, say "Okay" and stroke it.

How to train a dog team to me

If the dog did not come up the first time, do not scoldhim. Let the pet execute the command after a while - you still have to praise it. Remember: you can scold a dog only when she knows the team well, but does not want to do it because of stubbornness, laziness or because she does not put you to anything.

On each walk, fix this skill,Conducting 2-3 repetitions. After the dog learns the command on a leash, it needs to be unfastened and again to do the same exercise. Then the conditions should be complicated so that the pet is accustomed to execute the team in any situation. Call him in busy places, where there are extraneous people and animals. By the way, relatives, cats and birds distract dogs the most.

As you can see, in this exercise there is nothing difficult. But inexperienced owners when training a dog team "To me!" Often have difficulties. Therefore, you should pay attention to some of the nuances.

Command To me! Secrets of successful learning

1. Correct intonation

Do not say "To me!" With threatening intonation if the dog does not already know this command. The dog will think that you are not going to treat him with a delicacy, but just want to punish something.

The phrase "To me!" Should not frighten the pet. It should be pronounced clearly, confidently and loud enough, but benevolent. But if your four-legged friend already knows this command, but at first does not fulfill it, then the second command must be submitted with a threatening intonation.

2. Praise

Do not be afraid to praise the dog for the right action. As soon as the dog takes the right steps, even if uncertain, immediately encourage the pet to say "Good", "Good".

Show emotions: Dogs are very sensitive to the mood of a person. Some owners, after seeing a correctly executed team, even hug and kiss their pets. And you know what? Such dogs become the most obedient animals and easily master even the most complex tricks!

Command To me! Secrets of successful learning

3. From simple to complex

Do not start working out a team in difficult forPet environment, where it will be distracted by various factors. So the dog will not learn the skill faster. Complicate the situation gradually And if the dog does not perform the command in difficult conditions, again go down to a simpler level, until the pet does not stop making mistakes.

4. Awakening of interest

Remember: The dog should be more interesting with the owner than with the relatives or strangers. Your task is to interest the dog in any way so that he wants to run up to you. Watch your pet - and you will understand, than it can be carried away. Some dogs for a piece of cheese, as they say, ready to roll mountains. That lure the pet with this delicacy. You need to know what your dog really likes.

Team To me !: training, training

5. The right time

The best time to develop any new skill is the middle of the walk, when the dog has already made its "affairs", sniffed the tags left by the relatives, and is now ready to play with the owner.

At the very end of the walk, learn the command "To me!"Is not recommended, since the dog will remember that after these words it is usually taken home. Therefore, the next time she does not want to approach the owner, if not enough to play enough on the street.

Take note of these helpful tips - and yourA four-legged friend will quickly master an important basic command "To me!". Thanks to this you will be happy to walk with your favorite dog for a long time, without fear of losing it.

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