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A dog steals food or begs

Often you can see a picture of how the dog "is on duty" at the table, begging for a tasty morsel of human food.

Once, having treated the pet with food from the table duringFamily dinner or dinner, you allowed the dog to think that this is possible. To convince her of the opposite will be very difficult. The dog must understand that she destined for her food is unhindered, and all the rest is not for her, a taboo.

The first condition is normal nutrition. It would be foolish to demand that a dog not beg and not steal, if it is hungry and exhausted.

  1. Feed the dog before the family sits at the table.
  2. While people are at the table, do not allow the dog to spin around.
  3. To treat something off the table (if this food is not harmful to the dog) is possible only after a feast and only putting a treat in its personal bowl.
  4. Instruct not to touch any food not intended for herAt home, or on the street. Arrange the "bait" in different places (it should be large pieces, and not look like a treat), try not to look at the dog, do not express all its kind of prohibition - the dog should, without your pressure and control, learn not to touch the food not intended for it.
  5. Pieces can be strongly peppered or salted, forIf the dog still decides to try the bait. She should not like! If the dog has passed the test, encourage it, but it is very important that the reward is not one of those pieces that the dog's patience experienced, but a special treat.
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