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The dog does not want to be alone

Some dogs can not stand an 8-hour separationWith the owner. But you should not indulge your pet! Of course, he thinks that you are the most wonderful person in the world, but it is necessary to let the dog know that to stay alone for a while is a normal "dog situation"

Why does not the dog want to be alone?

  1. Perhaps your return home is a busy oneEmotions of the moment. Some people like such crazy greetings. But if you encourage this madness, you can not avoid such problems as the scratched door, frightened by the stormy dog ​​reaction, the guests are already at the entrance to your house, etc. The risk of fear of separation during such emotional encounters is extremely high.
  2. Some owners experience a sense of guilt,Leaving the dog alone at home. In this case, there is a long and emotional farewell: the owner worries in advance how the dog behaves in his absence. Anxiety is transmitted to the dog.
  3. Puppies have a full set of instincts thatDevelop as they grow older. Therefore, if the puppy is accustomed to run to the owner, as soon as it became boring, and even more amusing - when the owner, according to the first sound of the puppy, always runs to him - it is quite possible that such a dog, left even for a short time alone, may happen hysterical.

Why does not the dog want to be alone?

How to fight?

  1. Teach your dog to restrain his emotions when you return home.
  2. Keep your emotions at parting with the dog for several hours.
  3. It is advisable from the childhood to accustom the dog calmlyTo endure temporary solitude. For this, breeders often use an ordinary cardboard box in which a small puppy is taught to sleep. The puppy will know that he must spend some time in the box. His body will begin to adjust to the conventional regime, and while the puppy is in the box, he will not even want to go to the toilet. In addition, a puppy, like a small child, does not feel comfortable in a large open space. And in the box, a small pet feels protected. At the beginning of the training, the box can be left in the room with people. But do not be zealous! If you will require the puppy to sit too long in the box, you can provoke stress and aggravate the problem.
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