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How to teach the dog to the team Die?

The team "Die!" Is one of the most effective teams that both dogs and spectators like watching the process of its execution like.

The team refers more to the entertainment genreAnd circus tricks, but it can also have practical value, for example, in case of danger, when it is necessary that the dog hides and deceives the enemy, and then sharply attacked him. In any case, the team "Die!" Will not be superfluous in the arsenal of skills of the dog.

How to teach the dog to the team

Many breeders prefer to teach thisTeam at home, because the dog will have to lie motionless on the ground for a minute or more. On the street it can be dirty, damp or cold, which will bring the dog an inconvenience. There are cases when dogs did not fulfill the command "Die!" Only because they could not understand how it is possible to lie down on the street, even more so, if earlier the owner forbade them to do it.

It was worth starting training at home, andThe development of the team immediately went much more successfully. Before you start learning the command "Die!", The dog needs to be taught the commands "Sit!" And "Lie!". This will greatly simplify the task, although, perhaps, you choose a more difficult, but spectacular way, when the dog falls face down on the ground from standing or on the run.

From the side of the team "Die!"Looks like this: the dog suddenly falls on its side, as if she was dead. She lies unmoving and freezes in this position, until the trainer says the word "Cheer up!". For entertainment, a few minutes of still lying will suffice, and if you pursue practical training goals, then the dog should be able to lie like this for a very long time until he hears a team miraculously returning it to life.

Learning Algorithm

So, how to teach a dog the command "Die!":

How to teach the dog to the team </ P>
  1. Give the dog the command "Lie!"", Then sit down in front of her on the cards and show her a treat. Then take your hand with a treat to the right and down, with the other hand holding the dog behind her, not letting her get up. The natural desire of the dog will be to reach for the delicacy, but without being able to get up, it will fall to the side.
  2. If the dog, instead of falling, beginsLying to move aside (there are such craftsmen among dogs), then knock it yourself. After the dog lies on its side, let it eat a treat. This is an important point: a dog must eat a delicacy in the position lying on its side. Due to the fact that, in principle, there is no such position, choose a treat that can not be choked, for example, a small piece of canned food or a sugar cube.
  3. After that, enter the command "Die!". First, give the command "To lie!", Then clearly and abruptly say the command "Die!", Making a gesture with one hand to the side. Subsequently, the dog must respond not only to the command voice, but also to the hand gesture. Such an understanding without words makes this command even more effective.
  4. Now you need to ensure that the dog does not immediatelyGot up, took a treat, and stayed in this position. To do this, after the dog receives the reward, hold it by hand on the ground, repeating the command "Die!".
  5. If you started to teach the dog to the team "Die!", Then you need a command that stops it. A simple option is to command "To lie!" Or "To sit!" So that the dog returns to its original state. But it is best to train the dog in parallel to the "Liven!" Command, by which it quickly jumps up and runs to you. With a systematic approach, dogs quickly understand what is required of them. Moreover, many of them really like the team "Die!", And they readily perform their favorite team.
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