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Komondor or Hungarian Shepherd (Commander dog): photo

The Komondor breed is the most famous shepherd,Has a unique appearance that the animal needs for disguise, and an easygoing character. The name of the dog reflects the manner of his behavior and socialization. The pet is not demanding at the same time, but needs attention. The main distinguishing feature of the breed is a massive, thick wool, which forms a kind of pigtails. Let's get acquainted with the Komondor closer.

Origin of the Komondor breed

Commander dog, photo of the breed

The first mention of the breed was found more than 3Thousands of years ago. The kings of ancient Babylon dedicated a whole section of the code of laws of the time to the dog. Thanks to his unusual appearance, the Komondor immediately began to be used as an assistant to the shepherds. Thick bunches of wool allow the animal to remain invisible among the flocks of sheep. In the event of an attack by a bear or a wolf, the Komondor waits for the right moment and attacks the enemy.

The history says that security activitiesThe dog in Hungary led to the almost complete extermination of the wolves centuries ago. In Hungary, the dog came with the nomadic tribes of Madyara. The breed was bred from Tibetan dogs. The lion's share of dog breeders believes that Komondor was "born" as a result of crossing dogs and wolves. From the latter, according to breeders, the Komondor got such a fighting character.

In 1544, the animal was first named "commander" (correct spelling - comABOUTNdor). The mention of the breed is found in the novel of the writer Heltai in 1566. After that, the animal became a frequent literary hero in the works of other writers of Hungary. The development and appearance of the breed was primarily influenced by environmental factors, due to which the dog received a thick coat and hunting habits.

The world recognized the breed in 1920,When the Komondor became a full member of the European dog show. Over time, the appearance of the animal is transformed and becomes more well-groomed. The breed is very rare today. The smallest number of dogs is in Russia - up to 500 representatives. The largest number of Komondors in their historical homeland in Hungary is about 3200 dogs.

Appearance and world standards

Dog belongs to the category of large, possessesFearless character and impressive power. Komondor is a muscular animal with a strong build and thick, long wool. In this case, the dog's color should be exclusively white.

Commander dog - official standard from 1989:

  • Commander dog, photoHeight, weight - males up to 65 cm in height with a weight of 60 kg, females up to 60 cm in height and weighing 45 kg. The breed must have a strong build and a massive skeleton;
  • Head - a large forehead and somewhat short head,Eyes have an amygdala shape of medium size, they are planted deeply, they have a gray fringing. Eye color according to international standards should be brown, blue color may be the reason for disqualification in the competition. The ears are hanging, the size is medium. Muzzle lines have a straight silhouette. Muzzle rough, but not pointed. The nose is black and has wide nostrils. Lips have a gray color. It is highly desirable that the gums also have dark shades. Bite straight;
  • Neck, body - the average length of the neck, muscular and convex. The Commander keeps his head high and proud. The body is characterized by a powerful musculature and a broad chest. The abdomen is tightened, but steeply flattened;
  • Tail - has been beaten at the end, in the excited state takes a direct position. A short tail is considered a defect;
  • The forelegs are powerful with strong backbone,Have steep outlines. Dog's elbows should not be free. Paws are distinguished by large, arched toes, claws have black color. Pillows are hard enough, painted in gray;
  • Hind limbs - strong bones, covered with developed muscles. When viewed, the limbs have a straight silhouette. The paws are marked by a pronounced articulation of the joints;
  • Wool - thick and dense, protecting the pet fromWeather conditions. The wool of puppies is soft, but at an early age, curls begin to form. In adult representatives, wool consists of a soft undercoat and larger and stiffer "bundles" resembling felt. The longest coat is located on the tail and waist. The most soft and short - on the limbs and around the eyes. The reason for disqualification at the competitions can be silky wool.

The nature of the Komondor

Commander photo rock

Commander dog is the "eternal puppy"Despite the hunting nature and fighting temper. Adult temperament and the main character traits the dog acquires after 3 years. Before reaching this age, the breed is distinguished by increased playfulness, trustfulness and "childish" behavior. Komondor are divided into two psychological types - freedom-loving and dependent on people's attention. Breeders know the characteristics of each puppy and recommend the most appropriate for the particular family of the applicant.

The pet is known for guarding skills, soIt is often found in private homes and country estates. If the Komondor feels a danger, he will attack swiftly and quickly. The dog is very wary of new people. At the same time Komondor behaves properly in the presence of the owners, if you leave the pet alone with the guests, then he can show signs of aggression.

When members of the family and territory of the dog have nothingThreatens, the pet behaves extremely friendly and peaceful. Dog differs insane devotion to the owner, even if it is a question of freedom-loving types. Historically, the commander is a hunting animal, who needs to make decisions without the help of the owner. Therefore, the nature of the pet is very independent. The dog is distinguished by a developed intellect and ingenuity.

A distinctive feature of the breed is stubbornness and the desire to adjust the family members to "their own rules", therefore it is recommended that the dog be trained from an early age.


High intelligence of the breed allows it quicklyLearn information and respond to environmental factors. At the same time the pet likes everything new, so when choosing the same type of training, the commander quickly becomes bored. A consequence of this may be a failure to perform the commands of the host. Therefore, during training sessions, it is necessary to entice the pet with new information.

Commander photo rock

During training it is recommended to useOnly the "carrot" method. Praise and affection develop positive qualities in the breed, but an aggressive style of education can lead to the formation of anger and aggression of the pet.

Sexual difference also affects the trainingdogs. Bitches are more docile and pliable, while cables are stubborn. From an early age it is recommended to engage in socialization Komondor: to introduce him to new people and dogs. Lack of communication with the "environment" can lead to the development of the aggressiveness of the breed. Komondor is the best friend of children. Pet bravery tolerates any games with the kids, selflessly will protect them in any situation.

Pets get along well with other animals in the family. The Commander takes all under his protection. He reacts to other people's children and animals indifferently.

Health and Care

Komondor is strong and strong in all the plans of the dog, so the breed does not experience special health problems. The only danger is the defect of the lowered eyelid and joint dysplasia.

Breed commander, photo

Commodore breed - the features of care:

  1. Wool - due to increased density and stiffness inWool pets often get parasites, so the dog should be inspected regularly. It is recommended to use for the prevention of drops and various aerosols, preventing the occurrence of ticks and fleas;
  2. Wash - the breed needs regular bathing procedures, but for this you should use special tools. It is not recommended to wash the pet with ordinary soap or gel;
  3. Ears - the dog has a hanging form of ears, therefore it is necessary to take care of them with the help of special means, which can be found in veterinary shops;
  4. Paws - even on the paws of the commander there is a thickWool, which does not allow you to view the skin in detail. A pet can drive a splinter or get another injury, while the owner will not notice it. To avoid such situations it is necessary to trim the hair on the pads. It is recommended to do this in the summer.

Breed commander, photo


Despite the large size, the commander behavesVery modest in relation to food. Options for feeding the dog are varieties of dry food with balanced ingredients or natural "dishes". When choosing a dry food, it is necessary to give the pet up to 1 kg per day. In this case, the pet should be provided with food additives and a sufficient amount of drinking water.

When choosing a natural food, you will not come acrossDifficulties, since the commander is completely unprepared for choosing "dishes." The dog eats with pleasure meat, porridge, vegetables and fruits. Feed your pets at the same time several times a day. Between the meal and the active games must pass the time.

For puppies are best suitedSpecialized feeds, which are represented by a wide variety of manufacturers. As practice shows, this approach can provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals to the younger generation.

The Commander has some sort of food taboos that can lead to a worsening of the dog's condition:

  • Pork - Fatty meat is poorly absorbed by the stomach, It is better to choose an alternative in the form of beef or chicken;
  • Bones - can cause serious damage to the teeth of the commander. In order for a pet to whip his teeth, one should choose special "bones" from the pet store;
  • Milk - lactose is not absorbed by the organism of the breed, only cheese and cheese are allowed from dairy products;
  • Chocolate - can lead to the development of intestinal diseases, replace chocolate with "canine" delicacies from veterinary stores.

Price of Komondor puppies

Commander is one of the rare breeds, soTo select a pet will have to go to the breeder. Kids will be ready for a new home at the age of 50 days. The dog is distinguished by a rather high cost, the average price for the puppy of the commander varies within $ 1200.

Choosing a puppy

Taking puppies is recommended from the earliestAge. Do not be afraid that the commanders will not be able to endure the journey and separation from their mother. Puppies quickly get used to a new place and environment. At an early age, they are better suited for training and get used to the rules of the house.

Puppies of the Commander

At the age of 3 months, babies need to be doneA number of vaccinations. The commander needs a separate place in the house, which will belong only to him. There he will be able to be alone, in which some dogs of this breed periodically need.

Do not lay litter or padded stool for puppies. Even at an early age they have thick wool. Puppies need special toys that can be gnawed. Otherwise, you risk getting damaged furniture.

When the baby grows, you can keep it outside. Do not put the pet on the chain. The breed commander perceives this as an insult and can seriously take offense at the master. But the presence of a comfortable booth is mandatory.

Commander dog, photo of the breed



A completely unexpected birthday presentBecame a dog, and even such an unusual breed. "Sheep" curls and the original appearance is very captivating. I will say that there is little left of the wolf in the commander. The dog is very friendly and sweet. He is cautious about the guests, but if you show her that they are friends, she will cordially welcome them to her family. The only difficulty in the content is washing and combing out the wool, since it is very plentiful and abundant.


Commander dog, photo of the breed

Breed on an amateur, since the pet hasUntidy and ridiculous appearance, which is often supplemented by a funny character and constant activity. I like such dogs. The commander should be engaged. They are very intelligent and can become a true friend, who will understand with a half-word. Keep a dog in the apartment is problematic, its size does not fit a modest layout. But in the house the commander is the ideal pet. He knows perfectly well his duty to guard. With children gets along well.


Very good pet and friend who, despiteOn a kind of character, submits to the owner and unquestioningly carries out the commands. I recommend to keep the dog on the street, because during moulting it is a real nightmare. The need for cleaning takes place every hour. In the care of the commander is not whimsical, he does not buy special food, he eats with us.


Familiar to the day the birth of his son gave the dog,Our kids came to her delight - we also had to make such a gift. Commander is really the best friend for children. He always takes care of our fidgets and transfers all games calmly. The only problem is walking in rainy weather. On shampoos it is possible to be ruined. The breed tolerates water procedures well. They need to be carried often, otherwise the hair can stink.

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