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How to wean a dog to gnaw things in the absence of a host

Why The dog gnawers things, Furniture, wallpaper, shoes, wires, etc.? How to wean and what to do? In this article we will answer these questions. The problem occurs even in infancy, during the development of teeth, when the puppy does not yet have the fear to spoil the master's thing and receive punishment, but there is an uncontrollable desire (even a need!) To gnaw out something. If during this period, do not take action, after growing up, the dog will gnaw everything.

To disaccustom the dog to gnaw things, use these instructions:

  1. Take away expensive things.
  2. Buy a toothpick in the pet store.
  3. Try to catch and punish in time.
  4. Try using special sprays with an unpleasant odor or taste.
  5. Consult with the animal handler and veterinarian.

Further we will tell in more detail.

The dog is gnawing things. How to fight? What to do?

  1. First of all, remove all the expensive things thatCan suffer from the teeth of your pet. In any case, until your dog is ready. A ready - only when you learn to chew only your toys and do not touch the owner's things.
  2. If you have a puppy, try to buy a safe at the pet store Sharpener for teeth (For example, bones). Be patient and watch that the puppy always had something to chew on.
  3. In time to catch and punish! If you show a spoiled thing after the "crime", the dog will make a guilty look and continue to bully into your lack. But if everything happens before your very eyes, you must stop with a loud voice or command. Direct her chewing impulses to a special Toy, And if she listens - praise.
  4. Try using special Sprays With an unpleasant smell or taste for the dog.
  5. Consult with a veterinarian, trainer.

The dog is gnawing things. What to do?

Why does the dog gnaw things, furniture, wallpaper, wires, etc.?

The dog is gnawing things. What to do?

If Gnawing things puppy - it's logical, but if an adult dog - you need to look for reasons. Perhaps the dog stayed too long alone and thus concealed its loneliness, at the same time, giving a signal to the owner.

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