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How to teach the dog the team Fas

Of any funny and good-natured puppy, you canEducate a dog that will turn into a formidable weapon. But you need to understand that to develop a dog's distrust and anger is necessary against the background of perfect obedience. Before you start studying the team: "Fas!", It is necessary to teach the dog to the team: "Fu!".

The ideal option is to first train the OKD(The basic course of training), and only then the program of guard-guard service. At the genetic level, protective reflexes are laid in any dog, but in someone more, and some dogs, on the contrary, it is difficult to force aggression toward a person.

For example, any breed of shepherd quickly assimilatesTeam "Fas!" And willingly perform it. And such breeds as Labrador, Huskies, Newfoundland, even with an impressive appearance, do not want to show any malice towards a person. If you are still determined to teach your dog to the team "Fas!", Then the recommendations of professional trainers will help you.

How to teach the dog the team Fas

To train this team, you will need:

  • A brave assistant;
  • Special thick suit or armband;
  • A large durable rag;
  • Strong rod.

Algorithm for training the dog team Fas

  1. Firmly tie the dog on a long leash so that it can move actively, but could not break off the leash.
  2. The trainer must stand next to the dog. The assistant is a short distance away and holds a rag in one hand and a rod in the other.
  3. The assistant begins to approach the dog and behavesActively: waving his arms, loudly screaming, striking the rod on the ground, or even performing all the actions simultaneously. This behavior should attract the attention of the dog and alert her.
  4. The trainer gives the command: "Fas!". Most dogs, which by their breed are designed for defensive service, already at this stage show viciousness: they growl, bark or try to throw themselves on the helper. If the dog reacts to the command by aggression, it should be encouraged by praise and stroking. To give food when teaching such a team is not a very suitable option for promotion. The dog is excited, and switching to food distracts it.
  5. The assistant begins to attack the dog, causing herBlows with a rod. If the dog snaps and tries to bite the rod, then she needs to substitute a rag. A dog's natural desire is to arrange a rag. The assistant should try to pull a rag from her mouth, a kind of fight occurs, as a result of which the rag must remain with the dog, and the assistant escapes, demonstrating his fear to the dog. During the fight for a rag, the trainer periodically repeats the command "Fas!". You need to pronounce a command with a certain intonation: invitingly, in a firm voice, and quickly, without stretching the word.
  6. If the dog showed aggressiveness, fought for a rag, while the assistant did not give up, then it is encouraged by voice and stroking.
  7. This exercise is repeated several times.

What do you need to remember in order to properly teach the dog to the Fas team?

How to teach the dog the team Fas

An important condition for teaching the facet team isCompliance with the following requirements. The assistant must be selected from a person unfamiliar to the dog or from unfamiliar. It should be a neutral person, that is, if you choose a neighbor on the porch, which the dog already does not like, it will be wrong.

The trainer should not communicate with the dog withAssistant, in general at the place of training they should appear non-simultaneously. If the dog sees how the trainer and helper cute and laugh, and then the scene begins with the attack, she will not understand what they want from her. The assistant should not cause the dog pain, but only irritate her and deliver an unpleasant but not strong painful sensation.

If the attack turns into a beating of the dog, thenShe can get scared and show a passive-defensive reaction instead of an attack. Such a reflex will be fixed in her, and she will always, at best, passively defend herself, and not attack. The assistant, however, like the trainer, must be adequate adults. It is inadmissible to involve children or adolescents in this process.

After training a couple of days with a rag, you canGo to grab the hand of an assistant, protected by a training sleeve or a special suit. In the future, the team is even more complicated, attracting several assistants at the same time. The dog invariably needs to succeed and turn assistants on the run, this is a very important moment for the successful assimilation of the team.

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