/ / The dog chases cats, insects, etc.

A dog chases after cats, insects, etc.

Flying insects, squirrels, cats, snakes, mice, rats are the target for dogs with a powerful instinct of persecution. Some live quietly with cats at home, but go crazy with strangers.

Why does the dog chase after all?

Dogs can not inspire people's moral beliefs, they pursue potential prey instinctively. Once a dog is given the will to this instinct - and the persecution will become a habit.

How to fight?

  1. Obtain complete control of the owner over the dog,The dog will perform commands on the first utterance, regardless of distractions. With good training, the dog will automatically follow the owner, even when an object appears undesirable.
  2. Until the dog has learned to not be distracted by annoying objects and do not obey the command "to me" implicitly, it should be walked on a leash. First on a short, then on a long one.
  3. You can distract the dog by playing. For example, catching toys on the fly, requiring special concentration of attention. Moreover, you can make several shots to the owner himself, and then give the toy to the dog for independent play.
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