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Correction of adult dog and puppy behavior

Quite often it happens that the owner is not able to solve the problems that have arisen in the upbringing of his pet. In such cases, correction of the dog's behavior by an experienced cynologist is necessary.

Correction of dog's aggressive behavior

The dog becomes aggressive as a resultIncorrect education and, first of all, in those situations when she is compelled to occupy the vacant place of the leader of the school. It is the leader who controls the manifestation of aggression in the pack, allows to attack the stranger or punishes the bully.

If the owner of the dog becomes the leader of the pack, thisSignificantly reduces the likelihood of aggressive behavior of the dog. If it happened that at some point the dog began to feel like the leader of your flock, then this can be adjusted. To do this, you need to deprive the dog of the attributes of the leader. Such attributes for a dog are:

  • The leader leads the flock with him, that is, drags the "master" on a leash,
  • The leader eats first,
  • For rest occupies the most comfortable and often high place (on your pillow, in your favorite chair),
  • The leader always wins, that is, demands and receives a tasty morsel instead of a boring porridge, eats from the table,
  • Enough for the feet of uncomfortable guests,
  • The leader has his property, which no one is allowed to touch (a bowl, toys), but he himself can use the property of others

To remove the leader dog "from his position" it is necessary to deprive her of all these privileges. That is, do not allow to run ahead, pulling the leash. Pour food only after all the members of the family have eaten and do not feed tasty pieces from the table.

How to adjust behavior?

The famous cynologist Cesar Milan (especially knownA series of programs with his participation under the name: The interpreter from the dog) advises the owner of the dog to knead his food with his own hands to leave his smell in it, which will tell the dog about the domination of the owner, as if he had eaten first of its bowl. Also, you can not allow a dog to rest on a higher place than the owner - his pillow, sofa, armchair. The dog's place is at his feet.

The dog needs to show that all the toys thatShe is allowed to use, belong to the owner. He can take her first and play, and then he lets the dog. Correcting, thus, the attitude of the family to the dog can quickly show the animal its place in the hierarchy. In addition, with any form of dog aggression and regardless of its breed and size, training is required at the rate of obedience. Even if the puppy has already been trained by the puppy.

If the dog is a problem, then it is better to give it toThe care of the instructor for training. The main thing is to convince the dog that those goods, which she previously sought aggressive behavior, are now available only on condition of submission. You can not go on about and give a delicious, because the dog does not eat the right food all day.

Predator can safely live a week, and two withoutFood. The master should be adamant. It should be shown that only obedient dog gets treats. Every time a dog wants something: walking, playing, eating, caressing, she needs to give some command of obedience: "Sit!", "Lie down", etc. The command should sound like an order of the leader.

Only after performing the command the dog needs to be praised and give her what she wants. If the dog does not listen to orders, it must be abandoned and stopped

How to adjust the behavior of a dog?

Attention. She will understand that disobedience is fraught with your ignoring. Obedience commands should always be given before putting a bowl of food in front of the dog, before opening the door for a walk.

Self-correction of dog behavior

All family members, in relation to whom the dog behaves aggressively, should do so:

  1. She should not receive any games and caresses simply when she wants. Only after obedience and at will of the dominant members of the pack.
  2. When playing with a dog, you should always be above the dog, that is, do not sit down and lie down next to it.
  3. Stop the game before you get tired of the dog, and start only when you want.
  4. Puppy can not be allowed to become the owner of toys.
  5. Each member of the family must take a toy from the playing puppy, and after a few seconds again, he is invited to play.
  6. If the puppy does not give the toy and growls, it should be shaken by the scruff of the neck and strictly say: "You can not."
  7. From an adult dog you need to remove toys so that they do not play them by themselves. Only when the owner deems it necessary, he can get a toy and offer it to the dog.
  8. The dog should sleep only on its bedding.

If the case is quite neglected and the animal does notWants to sleep anywhere except your bed or your favorite chair, you can buy a cage and close the dog in it when she, at your discretion, should rest. If the dog is very aggressive and, for example, growls,When you drive her from your bed, do not go to an open conflict. The dog, who considers himself a leader, will seriously fight for his "lair" and can bite. Just at the time of correcting her behavior, keep the door to the bedroom always closed.

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