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How to train and train beagle dogs

If you have a hound dog, you probably know how difficult it is to train. Hounds are stubborn, easily distracted, and some are elementary stupid.

However, in most cases, they are simplyIt takes more time than the other varieties of dogs to learn and remember all the rules and skills that they are trying to teach. However, for obedience and education, they are not specifically designed. Beagles include bigles, basset hounds, raccoon hounds and foxhounds.

So, what kind of dog is this, hound? How does her brain work? How and why should it be brought up? The hounds look so touchingly. They have drooping ears, sagging eyes and a big black nose.

How to train and train beagle dogs

Despite the absurd appearance, this dogHas a unique sense of smell, which is used by people. One theory is that hounds have such large hanging ears to collect smells from the air and direct them towards the nose.

They say that hounds have large nasal sinuses andMore than 230 million olfactory cells, which allows them to handle a huge number of different smells and scents. The scent of dogs is so true that in some countries it is a weighty argument even in court.

Some hounds have a very sharp voice. In the city, their barking is quite unpleasant, but in nature - that's it. Dogs can be heard from afar!

Hounds are very hardy. They can run many kilometers along the rough terrain, following the smell they need. These dogs rarely run one by one. Usually they are kept in packs. Let's get acquainted with some of their representatives.


Bigley, like other representatives of his class,Has an excellent sense of smell. They smell better when they lower their nose to the ground, and do not sniff the air. They are bred to hunt rabbits, rabbits and other small animals.

The bill, the hound

Like other hounds, they hunt in packs ofSome distance from his master. The owner calls them with the help of a horn, and his dogs - barking. When they overtake the victim, they all start barking loudly, so the landlord can immediately determine where they are, and hurry to them.

True, when these dogs hunt wildRabbits, they do not run fast enough. When they raise the rabbit, the owner has a chance to shoot him, since the rabbit always usually returns to where it came from. With the help of the horn, the master also indicates the end of the hunt, after which the bigles return.

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds with their scent are inferior onlyBloodhound. Basically, they are used in hunting rabbits or rabbits. They can easily travel long distances. True, they run even slower than Bigles.

Basset Hound: To Train Beagle Dogs

Raccoon Hound

This category includes several breeds, andIt was the black and red raccoon hound, as well as the Beagle Plott. In ancient times they went hunting with foxhounds, and they could not climb trees with some animals. To do this, we had to bring out special dogs.

Raccoon dogs are very active. They hunt, mainly, for the foxes. They track down the victim, overtake and raise barking, waiting for the master, who will make a shot.

Raccoon Hound


With the short-legged foxhound the hunter walks on foot, withLong-legged - riding. Foxhounds track down foxes and work in a pack. These are very active dogs. During the hunt, they can run dozens of kilometers.

These are only a few breeds of dog hounds,Deduced specifically for work with the help of smell. They hunt rabbits, foxes and raccoons. Methods of their education are almost identical. Let's get to know them better.


Why is it difficult to train beagle dogs?

Before becoming just domestic pets,Hounds were used exclusively for hunting. Going to the trail for them is much more interesting than just eating or sleeping. If you want to make such a dog a sedentary pet, you may face a number of difficulties. There are reasons for this.

1. Independence

Basset. How to train hound dogs?

Since dogs participate in hunting enoughA great distance from the owner, they are completely independent and independent. Even when their owner beckons to them, they are unhappy. They will readily come to the owner, if they are served dinner. While there is no food, they prefer to engage in hunting.

When hunting for the beast, hunters often rely entirely on the hounds. Since the hounds hunt in packs, keeping them alone can cause them nervousness, which is why they are poorly obeyed.

2. Stubbornness

Many say that the hounds are very stubborn. On closer inspection, you can make sure that the dog is not stubborn, but wants to hunt and pursue more. Therefore, if you give the dog some commands, and she just wants to go on a hunt, she will ignore your commands.

3. The mind

Hounds are smart in their own way. Sometimes they are used by the poor to find food or scraps. Hounds always do not mind eating, that's what many of them want to use. To teach obedience to the same basset hound, patience, perseverance and creativity are required. Sometimes it succeeds so successfully that the basset becomes much more obedient than other breeds of dogs.

Tips for training obedience for hound owners

Different breeds of dogs experience differentTraining needs. Hounds relying on sight can easily find small objects. And dogs with a sharp nose may not even use their eyes while pursuing the victim.

1. Early start

The earlier you start training a dog, thebetter. Such simple commands as "sit!" Should be taught from a very early age. In order for things to go well, you must always have at hand a favorite dog treat.

2. Do not be distracted

Hounds during training are easily distracted. In one minute they listen to you, and in another they already break off and begin to run around in circles. It is better to practice in a quiet room, where there are no distractions. Always work on a leash or in a safe for the dog enclosure. Hounds often die, jumping out onto the road. They can be poisoned by neighbors or attacked by larger animals.

3. Treats

The best means of training the hound - her favoriteGoodies. Do not spare money on them if you want to support the dog's interest in learning. But do not overdo it. Any goodness in excessive quantities can lead to obesity.

If you are engaged indoors, a treat should beGive very small pieces. If you exercise in nature, the pieces can be bigger. In nature, the dog will constantly want to escape from you, because there are so many different appetizing flavors. Only enough pieces of her favorite delicacy can keep her in place.

Tips for training obedience for hound owners

4. Good mood

Dogs do better if the host is in a good mood. Despite the natural obstinacy, the creatures are quite sensitive and positively relate to the positive attitude of the owner.

5. Reasonable expectations

When training a hound, you should approximately representImagine the end result. If you need a very obedient dog, the first time performing any team, perhaps you should choose another breed. True, with the right approach, good results in obedience can be achieved in hounds.

6. Talent

To teach the hound to obey, one must possessSome talent. It is best during the training to give the dog a task to find objects with the help of a scent. Such cases are very pleasant to the hound. Even if it does not work out right away, this kind of activity is most preferable for a dog.

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