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The dogs are fighting. How can I separate them?

Each dog needs to be able to separate dogsFights, which are dangerous not only for immediate participants, but for the owners. Therefore, it is very important to properly respond to such fights and clearly understand the sequence of actions.

What you can not do

  • It's pointless to scream at dogs, beat them with anything. It will only provoke a fight.
  • You can not wave your arms and even rush into the thick of fights, trying to push the fighting. There is a great chance of being skilful.
  • In no event should you miss the dog's collar. There is a high probability of being bitten. In the heat of the fight, the dog "loses its head" and it is driven only by the instinct of survival. She no longer perceives the owner as an authority. For her, the one who grabs the collar is another enemy and reflexively responds to any external influence with teeth.
  • Do not use an electric shocker, his dog may not notice, but he will see his hand and can bite.

How to properly separate a dog fight

One person can not cope with this, it will take two people. Everyone must grab one dog by the back legs, like a wheelbarrow by the handles. And then already pull the dogs apart from each other in different directions.

After the dogs are removed from each other, theirYou can not let go, otherwise a fight will begin again. Dogs need to slowly turn to the side, so that they walk with their front paws, backing away. Then the dog will not be able to wriggle out and bite the one who holds it.

Dogs fight and bite each otherWhile you are slowly moving back, graduallyTurn to the side, the dog will not do any harm. You can release dogs only when one of them is dragged to a place where it can be locked: another room or an enclosure for dogs.

If a person was alone with a dogFight, you can put a loop on the leg of one of the dogs from the leash. Now, pulling back, you need to gently drag to any object, where the leash can be tied (tree, fence). After this, you need to go behind the other dog and grabbing her by the hind legs, pull from the tied to the other room or behind the fence. Only after that, its paws can be released.

Now you can untie the first dog.

In this case, a person should behave confidently and actively, asserting his leadership.

If one dog lies on the ground and the other above itThe dog that is on top of the legs is raised with a force and held in place until it loosens the grip. Another master at this point must drag the lying dog down until she attacked. A dog with a tail can be forced to release the grip if you lift it by the tail, holding both hands closer to the root of the tail.

If you are afraid to approach the fighting dogs to grab their paws, you can first try to moderate the fervor of the fight: throw a jacket on the dogs' heads, pour them with water, and whistle loudly.

It should be remembered that most often the cables fight with males, and bitches with bitches. Therefore, introducing dogs for a walk to begin with, you need to keep them on leashes.

If a conflict occurs in a place where there are manyDogs, you need to remove all animals as soon as possible, close them in pens, tie them to different trees, so that they do not reach each other. Then you already pay attention to the fighting couple.

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