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Dogologist for dog training

Many beginning dog breeders experienceDifficulties in raising a puppy and come to the idea that an assistant is needed that not only teaches the dog to be a "full member of human society", but the master will explain how to understand the dog.

With this, it is better to contact a specialist, notListen to home-grown dog breeders, who explain the dog's actions from the point of view of human logic ("doing spite", "mocking", etc.). Or give stupid advice: smear mustard corners of the apartment so that they do not gnaw a puppy or carry pepper and sprinkle everything that their dog should not eat.

How to understand the knowledge of a cynologist?

  1. A professional cynologist has proofHis professionalism: the certification of an instructor with the stamp of a specific club, other documents. He should not hide the experience of his work and the number of dogs trained by him.
  2. The cynologist has a special area for conducting classes with the dog, and you can always come to her and talk with the dog breeders.
  3. Every good instructor has a clear training program. He should read it and warn about the exam, which is taken by the dog expert, from the cynological federation.
  4. A professional cynologist promises to educate youA dog for one and a half month only in the event that he will deal with it daily. In more rare cases, much more time is required from 2.5 to 4 months. In addition, different breeds of dogs have their own rhythm of upbringing. It is important to develop a reflex to an external effect, which takes a different time for each dog.
  5. Also a good cynologist teaches not only the dog, but also the owner to properly manage the dog.
  6. It is also desirable to conclude a contract in which it will be prescribed what the results of education should be and who (the cynologist and the owner of the dog) and what should be done to achieve them.

How to choose a dog dog for a dog

Initially, the dog is taught to obey the master, and onlyOnce these skills are secured, training begins with guard functions, if necessary. After graduation, the dog passes the exam, performing all the necessary commands without a lead. As a result of proper training, the owner must control the dog at the first, maximum on the second team, if something is very distracting.

We pay attention to the behavior of the dogologist

It is necessary to observe the owner and the behaviorCynologist in the process of training a dog. His movements should be calm and look monotonous and mean. Chaotic and nervousness, as well as any extraneous movements of the cynologist, rash gestures and unnecessary words, which he adds to the team - all this can form in the dog unwanted conditioned reflexes. The dog will not train properly.

It is also necessary to form the correctThe relationship between a pet dog and a dog. Otherwise, training the dog will be ineffective. Initially, the dog very closely watches the actions of the new person. And in order not to provoke her incredulity and fear, in the early days the cynologist must behave carefully and correctly.

Its task is to analyze the character of the dog andAlready formed in her reflexes. If the dog closely follows the actions of the cynologist and shows the joy of communicating with him, we can say that the dog has become accustomed and trusts him. After that, upbringing and training will be more effective and quicker.

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