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Hungarian kuvas: description of the breed, the nature of the dog, photo, price

Hungarian kuvas

Hungarian kuvas - An ancient shepherd's breed. These strong, large, unpretentious and hardy dogs were used to protect livestock. Since ancient times, only white specimens have been selected for breeding, so that in the dark the dog can be easily distinguished from the gray predator.
Now this is an excellent companion and reliable guard.

History of the breed

The heyday of the breed came in the 15th century - the boardKing Matius Korvinus, who highly valued these dogs. Kuvasz around the clock carried a service near the king. In Europe, the dogs spread, moving together with the herds of cattle. After showing kuvas at an exhibition in Hamburg in 1863, the breed was also appreciated by the townspeople. The dogs were used to protect the estates. However, after the end of the Second World War, only about 30 dogs were found throughout Hungary. It took years to restore the population.

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Hungarian kuvas is a strong, large dog withWavy thick white hair and proportional body parts. The height at the withers of a kuwas male is up to 76 cm, females from 66 to 70 cm. The weight of a dog is up to 62 kg, females are up to 50 kg.

The body has a shape close to the square, the neck is short, the withers noticeably rises above the back line, the croup is muscular. The tail is set low, pointing down, with the tip bent slightly upward.

The eyes are almond-shaped, dark brown, the ears are not well planted, the upper third is away from the head, never straightens.

The skin is dry, slate-gray, contains a lot of pigment. Wool wavy, medium hardness, can fall down. The length of the coat is from 1-2 cm on the head to 12 cm on the body. On the tail, the length of the coat can reach 15 cm. The dog has a softer undercoat. Often, kuvasis form bundles, koltuny, rollers.

Wool white or whitish ivory. Eyelids, nose and lips are black, as are the pads of the fingers.

Character of Hungarian kuwas

Hungarian Kuvasz with puppy

Kuvasz are fearless and ready to defendPerson or territory at the cost of their lives. This proud animal and with bad treatment becomes sharp and rude. But these are quite rare cases when the owner simply does not engage in a dog.

The dog is betrayed to the owner and his entourage. Friendly, smart and calm. It is easy to train, very attentive to the commands. Is inclined to independent decision-making, which is corrected by training for obedience.

Temperament kuvasa moderate, it is a sociable and not obtrusive animal. He is vigilant and quietly distrustful of strangers.

Content of kuwas

To keep such a large animalA certain territory is needed. It is better not to keep it in an apartment or house. An enclosure should be spacious, but best of all free maintenance in the courtyard or the local area. You can not keep a Hungarian kuwas on a chain, he lacks freedom of movement, he will miss and can even get sick.

This is not a demanding dog, it easily tolerates very inclement weather.

This is one of the rare breeds of dogs that has survived withoutSpecial human intervention in its appearance. Therefore, she does not know those health problems that many breeds of dogs have that are heavily altered by humans.

Kuvasz needs to be combed regularly. His luxurious coat does not require either a haircut or trimming.

This dog needs active and fairly long walks, at least two hours a day, provided that it is contained in a limited space.

Price of the puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Puppy Hungarian kuwas is quite expensive - From $ 900 to $ 1,400.

Photo of the breed Hungarian kuwas

Hungarian kuvas or just kuvas Hungarian kuvas or just kuvas Hungarian kuvas or just kuvas Hungarian kuvas or just kuvas Hungarian kuvas Hungarian kuvas Hungarian kuvas Hungarian kuvas Kuvasz Vengerskiy-kuvas11 Hungarian kuvas or just kuvas Hungarian kuvas or just kuvas Hungarian kuvas
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