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How many times do I have to walk with a dog

How many to walk with a dog? This issue is of concern to all owners without exception. Walking is extremely important for a domestic dog. At this time, she not only sends out natural needs, but also does sports, makes new acquaintances, communicates, studies the world.

However, it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question: "How much to walk with a dog". It depends on many factors:

  • Age of the animal,
  • breed,
  • The state of his health,
  • Weather and other

To paddock does not turn into an unpleasant duty, it is better to learn together with the dog to enjoy walking: to play sports, explore new territories, play active games.

Walking at different ages

Dog experts advise walking an adult animalThree to four times a day. Although many owners, who have no one in their family to take out a dog for lunch, walk it twice: in the morning and in the evening. The morning walk, as a rule, is shorter - about half an hour, and the evening walk should be at least one and a half hours. In addition, it is advisable to go out with a pet on the weekend for a few hours.

With puppies up to half a year it is necessary to walk everyTwo or three hours. The more often you take out the puppy, the faster he learns to go to the toilet on the street. After six months, the amount of walking can be reduced, adding time for the dog to be sober. If the puppy walks enough, at home he behaves much calmer: less gnaws furniture, howls and runs around the house.

The fact is that it is during walks that the puppy is properly developing the nervous system. Getting acquainted with the world, he is faster and more correctly socialized and becomes less fearful.

How much to walk with dogs of different breeds

Representatives of small breeds, such asYorkshire terrier, chihuahua, dwarf pinscher owners often accustom to go to the toilet in the house in the tray. But this does not mean that these dogs do not need a walk. They also need to be taken to fresh air and allowed to run, otherwise the dog faces obesity.

How many times to walk with a dog

Representatives of active breeds: Hunting dogs, service and sportsmen need not just walks, but also in compulsory special occupations on the site where they can spend enough energy and exercise.

Seasonal paddock

In the summer heat, the dog's walking should be moved toCooler time: early in the morning, and in the evening later. Even a puppy (especially black) is better not to take out on the street in a hot noon. In winter, on the contrary, it is possible to shift (if possible) walks to a lighter and warmer time. In the morning later, and in the evening before. In severe frosts with a dog it is better not to walk for a long time, short-haired breeds need to be worn.

Nevertheless, it is not necessary to start active games in a burning frost so that the dog does not overheat in clothes and does not breathe heavily with cold air.

Walking sick dog

In case of health problems (chronic orMoments of recovery) about the peculiarities of walking it is necessary to consult a doctor. Animals suffering from cardiovascular diseases and obesity can not move intensively. However, movement is necessary for them.

Because these dogs are walking for a long time, but slowlyWalking in a calm rhythm. An animal with problems in the joints and spine can give pain to every step and therefore it is better to allow the dog to walk in the rhythm that she chooses herself. Even if you just lie on fresh grass for half an hour. It will be more useful than lying in the apartment.

During the recovery period after injuries andOperations the dog can not be physically loaded and take care of careful dressing and protecting the wounds before going out on the street. If the dog is young and loves to play, it's better to walk to the full recovery until it is fully recovered.

How much to walk with a dog during estrus and pregnancy

Due to the fact that the cables are far from the black female andAre very worried about this, some owners of "girls" are trying to walk less time during this period. Of course, in the first stage of estrus the dog becomes sluggish, plays less, it may not want to walk for a long time.

But the owner should not limit the animal toMovement, which is so necessary especially to the apartment dogs. In addition, the reproductive organs of the dog during this period increase in volume and pressure on the organs of the genitourinary system, which may require a longer walking than usual.

It is better to change the time for going out andTo withdraw the dog either earlier, or later than the period when most of the dogs are walking. Also it is necessary to change habitual routes of a walk, trying not to be shown on platforms where dogs walk. In the second week and until the very end of the heat, the bitch needs to walk only on a leash.

Pregnant dog also needs goodWalks. The animal should not be physically loaded, sports training should be canceled, but it must pass a lot. This is useful for the cardiovascular system and future puppies. The bitch, who only had puppies born, is better off on the streets not twice a day, but as often as possible: three to four, but for a short while - about 20 minutes. It's better to wear it in protective clothing, so as not to damage the nipples.

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