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How to teach the puppy to the teams?

Have you recently started a dog and want it to grow up well-mannered and obedient? Teach the puppy these commands - and your four-legged friend will behave well at home, and on the street.

How to teach the puppy to the teams?

What's in a name?

Before you start learning a littlePet basic teams, from the first days of stay in the house of the puppy you need to accustom to the nickname. To do this, draw the dog's attention with a toy or a treat, then pronounce his name, and as soon as the dog comes running up to you - praise and encourage what you hold in your hands. So the nickname will cause the puppy positive emotions.

Then repeat this exercise several times, but gradually increase the distance from which you will call the pet, and give a treat once, and then even less often.

When a puppy begins to respond to the nickname not only at home, but also on the street, it means that he remembered his name well, that is, the skill was fulfilled

1. The command "To me!"

This is one of the most important commands, implementationWhich can even save the dog's life. I often heard sad stories about how pets died under the wheels of cars, because they did not react to the desperate command of the owner and ran across the road, seeing on the opposite side of another dog.

How to teach the puppy commands To me!

Often, people who first bought a puppy,On the street do not let him down from the leash, because they are afraid not to catch him when the time comes to return home. And indeed, many puppies, especially choleric people, do not have time to squander their energy even on a one-hour walk, so do not rush to approach the owner.

Dogs are smart (and some are also cunning)Animals: they understand that after the command "To me!" Will be followed by a return home. Your task is to outwit the puppy and not take him off the walk at once, and after the command again let go of the walk. So you can dispel the "dog stereotype"

How to master the team?

Puppy in 3-4 months is quite capable of learning the command "To me!". As soon as the puppy runs up to you - praise him with the word "Good" and encourage a piece of delicious food or let's play with your favorite ball.

As with any other teams, in time complicate the conditions: summon the dog in busy places, where there are various stimuli (strangers, animals, sounds and movement)

About how to accustom the dog to approach the owner on the first command "To me!" We wrote here.

2. The team "Fu!"

Once the puppy has appeared in your home, he mustLearn certain rules: what can and can not be done. If you do not want a dog to get on the sofa, explain it to her using a prohibiting team. It can sound like "Fu!", "You can not!", "No!", Etc.

A word that is designed to stop anyAction, can be anything. The main thing is to stick to the uniformity, and not to say different words each time. Although many dogs are good at learning synonymous commands, it will be difficult for the puppy to do this.

How to master the team?

The command To lie!

As soon as the dog lies down, praise him, stroke and treat him with a delicacy. Repeat the exercise daily 5-7 times - and after a few weeks your pet will go to the first team.

You probably assume that the nextLearned team - "Stand!". Indeed, after planting and packing, it is logical to train a dog to stand, but it is not necessary. The fact is that the "Stand" command to pets is a little more difficult to learn than "Sit" and "Lie", so if your puppy is not very well trained, this skill is better to train him later - in 6-7 months. At an earlier age the dog will be much more interested in learning how to bring various objects.

5. The command "Аппорт!"

Training for this team takes place during the game. You need to show the puppy any artifact and use it to lure the animal into the game. You can throw a wand, ball or other toy on the ground in front of the pet or tease it with this object, so that he wants to take the toy in the teeth. As soon as the puppy grabs this thing - joyfully praise him.

How to teach a puppy to teams

When the dog begins to take with interest the object of import into the mouth, throw it at a distance of 1-2 meters and at this moment command "Aport". As soon as the pet picks up the subject, praise it.

Puppy need to know this team, not only because,That with her help a pet can be taught to bring slippers. If the dog likes to run after the balls that the owner throws to him, with further training a four-legged friend can be encouraged not by a treat, but by a toy. Agree, a good way to save on food, to save the figure and the health of the pet. And in addition, in the process of playing a contact is established between the owner and the dog, the right relationship is established.

Remember that regularity is important in training. Puppies quickly "grasp" the team, but also quickly forget them. No wonder they say: repetition is the mother of learning. Engage with the dog every day for at least 15-20 minutes - and your dog will grow up a well-bred and faithful friend.

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