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General course of training for dogs (OKD)

The general course of training (OKD) of the dog is designed forDevelopment of certain reflexes in the dog. It is designed for dogs of all breeds, whose owners want to have good contact with their pet, be able to manage it and get real pleasure from joint walks.

To lessons on the general course of dog trainingPass at the age of 7-8 months, when the puppy has already mastered obedience commands: "To me", "To sit", "To lie". Already by the age of one, the trained dog has the right to pass the test and at the end to obtain a diploma.

For such a course, there is no upper age threshold. However, the sooner you start studying with a dog, the faster and easier it will learn new skills.

Basic stages and exercises of the general dog training course

For the classes you need:

  1. Comfortable soft collar,
  2. The leash is 2 cm wide by 1.5-2 meters,
  3. muzzle,
  4. A secure anporting object,
  5. Mat for dog
  6. A lot of favorite delicacies (boiled lungs or hearts, cut into pieces)

OKD dogsDuring the passage of OKD, the host should act as a trainer, and the instructor is needed as an intermediary between him and the dog. At the end of the general training course, the dog tests certain skills.

Teeth showing and attitude to the muzzle

The dog should calmly show the bite by command "Teeth." When putting on and removing the muzzle, it does not concern him, without resisting.

Ban Command

Her digestion is checked when the dog is shownFeed, but forbid him to take the team "Fu". And first the dog several times in a row give a few pieces of delicacies and only then forbid one of them. The dog must stand a command for at least 5 seconds.

This command is also checked when the dogSend for an abandoned item, and then give a command, after which the dog must stop or throw the object out of the mouth. Transition to a free state By the command "To walk" the dog starts to run freely around the site, being interested in the surrounding world.

Tray of the abandoned item

When the dog sits at the left leg of the trainer, heShows the object and throws it forward more than 10 m from itself. Then he must stand for a few seconds and send the dog for the item with the command "Aport". The dog must take the object into the mouth, quickly return to the trainer and sit at his left foot.

At the command "Give!" She gives the object to the hands of the trainer.

Approach to the trainer and return to the place

The dog should, according to the first command "To me"Run up to the trainer and sit at his left foot. If the dog calls after the "Walk" command, then it is allowed to name the name to attract her attention. Also, at the command "Place" the dog should remain lying on the rug, no matter where the trainer left.

After she was called by the command "To me" she should run up, and then at the command "Place" again return to the rug.

General training course exercises

The movement of the dog next to the trainer

The trainer moves chaotically, periodicallyChanging the pace and direction. The dog must walk beside the left leg of the trainer, keeping the rhythm of movement and stopping when necessary. When stopped, the dog should sit down without a command.

Running the commands "Standing", "Sitting", "Lying"

These commands are performed in the complex. First, the trainer departs from the dog for 15 meters and from there gives it commands to take the desired position. The dog on the first team should take the desired position and do not change it to the next team.

Overcoming obstacles

The dog must overcome the first teamObstacles: a blind fence, a barrier, an inclined wall at the command "Barrier" and a ladder, a trench or a boom at the command of "Forward". Teams must be accompanied by a hand gesture to obstacles. If the dog is not big, then instead of a blind fence, she jumps over the trench.

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